YaY Novelty

YaY is shorthand for Why and Why. The first why stands for why its items are created; the second why explains why the company came into being.

YaY Novelty’s founding mission is to create high-quality, everyday lifestyle-enhancing products that evoke the expression of each consumer’s personality. Along with its passion for design, the company is committed to functionality and affordability and was established to generate income to support children via the Year Zero Foundation.

“What makes our company unique is doing what my generation does best, reinventing a smarter more streamlined wheel,” states founder Sunchea Phou, who launched YaY in 2014. “YaY Novelty has created a stylistic new approach to the ultra-slim wallet, the ‘everybody’s got one’ luggage ID tag and the trendy reusable bag.”

For more information, visit yaynovelty.com or contact Sunchea Phou at 206-852-8589; info@yaynovelty.com.