Founded by a wine-travel enthusiast, Vinarmour™ is a Seattle-based manufacturer of premium wine travel accessories. Their mission is to build accessories that are of exceptional style, quality, and durability that complements the rich heritage of the wine culture and its industry.

“The Vinarmour Wine Carrier is the only wine bag available that is puncture-resistant to prevent spills and leakage from broken glass, allowing travelers to bring bottles anywhere in their luggage worry-free,” states Brian Hart. “The protective inner fabrics absorb 90% of impact energy and are insulative — maintaining wine temperatures better then neoprene.”

In addition, Vinarmour is built to last decades with Scottish waxed cotton and legendary Horween® leather. Its esthetics were designed to improve with time developing a rustic patina that is the perfect luxury tote to bring a bottle from your cellar to even the most upscale of restaurants and events.

For more information, visit or contact Brian Hart at 206-719-1818 or