United Luggage Dealers Association (ULDA)

The United Luggage Dealers Associates (ULDA) succeeds the National Luggage Dealers Association (NLDA), which was founded in 1925. The Illinois-based ULDA will continue the NLDA legacy, helping retailers improve their buying and negotiating power, stock exclusive merchandise, market more effectively, share their industry knowledge, and enhance vendor relations.

“The travel recession of the past year led a number of specialty luggage, leather and travel goods retailers to close their doors,” states Ron Levine. “We plan to extend an offer of ULDA membership to an eclectic mix of specialty retailers.”

To that end, ULDA plans to include members in complementary retail environments and looks forward to working with manufacturers who support their vision.

For more information, contact Ron Levine at 847-707-9923 or ron@unitedluggagedealers.com.