Travelers Club Luggage/TCL Cool-Carry

Travelers Club Luggage/TCL Cool-Carry has been offering a complete line of travel-related products, including luggage, travel accessories, coolers, and outdoor products, to both domestic and international markets since 1986. According to Marylou Almeida, the key to the company’s success has been its “dedication to innovation, quality, value and service. Our goal is to provide our customers with superior quality and innovative products, maintain exceptional customer service, and maintain price points that meet today’s tight budget constraints.”

Travelers Club products are “geared to the ever changing needs of the end consumer,” says Almeida. “Because of our emphasis on the “Cool-Carry” line, we’ve become one of the industry’s leading cooler manufacturers. We create trend-setting styles, and incorporate features, such as detachable radios, backpack straps and in-line blade wheel systems. These traits have all contributed to making our company the success it is today and we have established ourselves as an industry leader in producing high quality and affordable products.”

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