Tortuga designs carry-on-size luggage for city travel, and publishes packing and gear advice to help travelers know what to bring and how to pack it. The bags pack like suitcases, but carry like backpacks, opening from the front for maximum accessibility, with advanced suspension that’s as comfortable as a hiking backpack.

In 2009, on a backpacking trip in Eastern Europe, childhood best friends Fred Perrotta and Jeremy Cohen discovered their luggage didn’t work for city travel. “The backpacking bags we thought we needed were good for hiking but not for traveling,” says Fred Perrotta. “Our bags were a disaster. Jeremy’s pack ripped on the first day and mine was a disorganized mess.” Their inspired solution: Tortuga.

Tortuga’s product line includes maximum-sized carry-ons alongside a range of smaller bags, duffles, and packing accessories. They’re designed to help travelers bring everything they need without checking a bag.

“We believe that location independence is the future. Work won’t be a place you go, but a thing you do. From anywhere. Remote work is the first step to location independence, so we built Tortuga as a fully distributed company. Our team works remotely and lives all over the world,” states Fred Perrotta. “Tortuga’s mission is to help you live on your terms.”

For more information, visit or contact Fred Perrotta at; 310-692-4680.