TITANIO Group is dedicated to infusing technology, art, and quality materials to create the world’s most innovative travel goods company. Their mission is to give a new dimension to the travel experience, pushing the limits, utilizing best-in-the-world designers with decades and years of experience.

“Our dedication to perfection and timing in today’s challenging supply chain climate has resulted in TITANIO’s international growth,” states Jessica Oviedo. “Our partners have experience and use high-tech logistics and warehouse distribution systems that contribute to supply-chain fluidity. Our retail partners include today’s largest publicly-traded companies at an international level with over 17,000 points-of-sale.”

The TITANIO Group is proud to note that they supply 72 countries globally with a robust supply chain and production ecosystem as well as with design detail and experience that is unmatched and unique in global markets.

For more information, visit www.titaniotravelgoodsgroup.com or contact Jessica Oviedo at 289-326-4511 or jessica.o@titaniotech.com.