TALUS is proud to share that they have provided reliable, problem-solving travel products to retailers since 1985. All of their products are created to offer value — through product innovations at reasonable prices and reliable evergreens at modest prices.

In addition, most of their office, warehouse team and suppliers have been with TALUS for decades. In fact, they are still working with their first supplier — after more than 35 years they continue to be a strong business partner delivering quality products at affordable prices.

“When you call Talus, a real person will answer, and we’ll promptly resolve your problem or speed your order out the door,” states Sue Osier. “Most orders ship the next day. It’s how we want to be treated and it’s how we do business.”

TALUS has an on-staff design and development team that annually delivers fresh and innovative products to meet current trends and consumer needs. Their packaging is designed to be clean, consistent and informative so consumers can understand how each product meets their needs without fluff. It is their belief that well-informed consumers that buy quality products that work for them will be back for more.

For more information, visit www.talusproducts.com or contact Sue Osier at 207-871-9230 or sales@talusproducts.com.