SLEEPSTIK WAS DEVELOPED BY Rick Riday, an American inventor and freelance product engineer living in the Seattle area. He first got the idea while suffering from neck pain on a long flight several years ago. As an experienced prototype fabricator, he built and tested many iterations of the concept, and suffered through many sleepless and painful nights of testing the prototypes he built, but the result was worth it.

“SleepStik is a revolutionary new device which is designed to provide complete and continuous head support for travelers who must remain seated for extended periods,” states Rick Riday. “The unique properties of the device offer a completely new level of travel comfort by cradling the user’s head in a precise, yet compliant way.”

SleepStik uses a rigid support structure to provide a perfectly placed load-bearing attach point. An elastic head loop is attached at this point which then encircles your head. The compliant head loop applies gentle forces to the front and sides of your head to keep it from falling forward or to either side. The loop also counteracts involuntary head motion from turns and stops when used in a motor vehicle.

For more information, visit or contact Rick Riday at; 206-351-0731.