Made of Carpet

Made of Carpet is a unique British heritage brand. They design and produce traditional and exclusive handcrafted Carpet Bags. The idea of these beautiful unique Carpet Bags has been inspired by such famous English literary characters as Mary Poppins and Miss Marple.

“Our carpet bags are a 150-year-old Victorian fashion treasure, straight from its homeland – London, England,” states Irina Bragin. “They are rainproof, soft, light, and silky, yet thick and firm at the same time. They are full-bodied, strong, and durable.”

Designed in London and handcrafted exclusively in Europe, Made of Carpet bags use the finest quality rugs produced in Western Europe and come with bespoke trimmings. All materials and technologies are examined closely to meet their high standards producing an authentic Victorian experience as well as meeting health and safety standards. For more information, visit or contact Irina Bragin at +44 7931 536 759;