The team at Longlat is committed to a heritage of fashion and style, superior product, quality, and durability in all categories of travel goods. Their product range spans the continuum from promotional private label programs and proprietary brands to fashion and celebrity-branded products and licensed collections.

“LongLat is a blend of youth and experience, passion and knowledge, steeped in a rich legacy of craftsmanship and innovation in travel goods design and manufacturing,” states Parkson Liang. “We continue to tap into our entrepreneurial drive with an unmatched desire to bring value-based products to the marketplace.”

LongLat is focused on creating products that define one’s packing space — designing collections that have a unique combination of attitude and functionality for today’s modern traveler. Their goal is to help consumers get to where they are going in style and with ease with well-designed luggage that doesn’t hold them back.

For more information visit www.longlatinc.com or contact Parkson Liang at 973-387-1037 or parkson@longlatinc.com.