Started by European leather craftsmen in Cincinnati, OH, The Leather Specialty Company has remained true to its tradition through three generations and 87 years of American family ownership. According to Beverly Bissett, what distinguishes the company from its competitors is that it combines genuine, top grain American leathers with a unique high quality American look. “Schlesinger and Korchmar represent the epitome of American quality and craftsmanship,” she says. “We offer the business person the greatest variety of practical, yet classic designs to solve travel and business needs at a fraction of the price of the ‘major brands’ that are household names. And we still do manufacture in the USA.”

Now located in a “top notch warranty repair and manufacturing facility” in Naples, FL, The Leather Specialty Company offers a five-year warranty backed by U.S.-based technicians and support. The company’s brands consist of Schlesinger, a high-quality line of classic American business cases and casual/lifestyle travel and business bags; and Korchmar, a mid-priced line of attaché cases and litigation or pilot cases (catalog cases). An interesting note is that the company was hired by the U.S. government to produce leather cases carried by Air Force bomber navigators and other government officials.

For more information, visit www.korchmar.com or contact Beverly Bissett at 239-333-1000 or bbissett@korchmar.com.