It's…In the Bag! Inc. & TagsForBags

Located in Palm Springs Valley on top of the San Andreas Fault and nestled between the Santa Rosa and Little San Bernadino mountain ranges, It’s…In The Bag! was founded in 1990 behind the notion that the traveling consumer needs a travel shop that understands travel, not just luggage. “After pretty much growing up in the luggage business, my position has always been for us to be the shop that is ‘in the know’ when it comes to travel and /or ‘schleppage,'” says owner Chuck Weisbart. “And our philosophy to reinvent our business to cater to the ever-changing clientele every three years has been one of the secrets of why we enjoy our business as much as we do.”

The store is known in the area for its monthly travel security/packing seminars, which Weisbart coins “The It’s…In The Bag! University of Travel Savvy.” The seminars aim to keep travel consumers up-to-speed on all travel security issues and to “foil the fear factor of travel that hit the public and decimated the industry after 9/11.” According to Weisbart, his repair department boasts a 24-hour turnaround on more than 90% of its luggage repairs for consumers and the airlines. “One of the things we’re most proud of is our community involvement and our support of The Foundation For The Retarded Of The Desert,” he explains. “We use their workforce to handle 100% of the embroidery on ‘My Tag,” our world famous, proprietary luggage tag that is the cure for the black plague at baggage claim.”

For more information, contact Chuck Weisbart at (888) 261-8211 or