Whether catching a flight for a long overdue vacation, commuting to work, or just trying to keep up with one’s daily grind, HYDAWAY has a way for users to stay hydrated and enjoy their favorite beverages, anywhere, anytime.

“We’re not just another drinkware company,” states Jessica Loewen. “We believe in convenience without compromise and The HYDAWAY difference is what our products do when you’re not using them.”

Created to be practical and portable, HYDAWAY boasts that their products do not take up unnecessary space in an already-packed life or pile up in landfills. When consumers buy their products, they help reduce plastic waste by using (and reusing) their award-winning line of collapsible water bottles, drink tumblers, and travel accessories. For more information, visit www.shop.myhydaway.com or contact Jessica Loewen at 844-493-2929; sales@hydawaybottle.com.