Hillside Industries

Hillside’s first product was designed after their founder, Stanley Shen, suffered a shoulder injury that prevented him from using a messenger bag comfortably for long-term carrying. As a student attending college in San Diego, he needed a smart way to carry his books without putting too much stress on his aching shoulder. After tinkering with his rock-climbing equipment in his college apartment, the idea for an all-in-one bag came to mind. Like a climbing anchor, the bag would balance the weight evenly and allow for the bag to switch from backpack to messenger seamlessly — no matter what kind of load it was bearing. Thus, the transitioning bag-pack was born!

“The world was missing a bag that did everything. Most bags function the same way, but people have different body types and different needs. I wanted Hillside to target people that had a need for an everything bag,” states Stanley Shen. “You can wear it as a briefcase, a messenger bag, and a backpack and you can switch between all three styles seamlessly — it’s completely up to the individual.”

With the intent to focus on the urban traveler, Hillside was able to create a series of bags and accessories that would allow for individuals to use the products as a commuter bag, travel pack, safety bag, and professional briefcase. With the support of their loyal customers, they have been able to foresee how their future will look in the next line-up, which will include new materials, fresh designs, and kid-friendly sizes. For more information, visit www.discoverhillside.com or contact Stanley Shen at 626-688-4726 or stan@discoverhillside.com.