GoGirl is a revolutionary female urination device (FUD) that allows the female user to urinate or “pee” in a standing position using a funnel shaped, silicone device. It is a hygienic, reusable device that was designed to help women go to the bathroom standing up. It is made of medical grade silicone, is reusable, sustainable, 100% latex free and hypoallergenic.

“Our mission is to help females through life’s greatest adventures and challenges,” states John Nides. “Whether that adventure is climbing a mountain, boating, fishing, hiking, cycling, or recovering from surgery, GoGirl helps keep females safe and germ free.”

GoGirl was developed to give females a simple and discreet, germ free method to urinate when they find themselves in a situation where there isn’t a bathroom.  Consequently, the GoGirl customer is a firefighter, police person, soldier, world traveler, runner, hiker, and any outdoor enthusiast. Which is why the GoGirl Mission Statement is “Life’s greatest adventure should not be trying to find a bathroom.”

For more information, visit www.go-girl.com or contact John Nides at 651-332-1614; john.nides@go-girl.com.