Go Travel

Go Travel designs innovative travel accessories for everyday commuters, jetsetters, family travelers, and homebodies. Their functional and feature-rich designs improve every step of the journey, bringing comfort, packing organization, and luggage security from doorstep to destination.

With over 200 accessories, Go Travel has comforted millions of travelers with travel pillows and secured millions of travel bags with locks. As a family-run company with a global operation, Go Travel distributes its products in over 110 countries worldwide. Their pioneering spirit continues to define them as they create industry-leading designs using different technologies to deliver everything a traveler needs.

A trusted and reliable travel companion, Go Travel strives to exceed existing standards and often sets them. Always evolving, always solving and never afraid to revolutionize. We love travel. We live travel. Because we firmly believe that…. Great travel starts at Go.

For more information, visit www.go.travel or contact the Sales team Cynthia Mitchell cynthiamitchell@go.travel or usasales@go.travel.