The idea for Go-Be’s reusable tray sleeves came to co-founders Barbara Booth and Cornelia Quinn after they discovered that millions of single-use disinfectant wipes head to landfills every day from travelers wiping down their tray tables. Many of these wipes contain harsh chemicals and are made of synthetic fibers that never break down. In response Go-Be’s reusable tray sleeves are embedded with antimicrobial technology that is non-toxic and non-irritating. What’s more, a portion of each purchase goes to support Ocean Conservancy, an organization committed to resolving the ocean plastic crisis.

“At Go-Be, we believe that protecting the natural communities we visit has never been more important,” states Barbara Booth. “That’s why two travel-loving women set out to create a brand of exceptional integrity that would promote ethical, sustainable travel, namely, Go-Be, an eco-friendly antimicrobial tray sleeve knitted out of a fiber created from recycled post-consumer plastic bottles. It’s the only tray table sleeve on the market that is planet-friendly, reusable, fun and functional.”

As a former CNBC reporter, Barbara’s entrepreneurial spirit had been fueled for years as she told the stories of how some of today’s most dynamic entrepreneurs built their empires and used their success as a force for good. Go-Be has now become a catalyst for education and change and is now partnering with major airlines, hotels and other major players in the hospitality industry to promote sustainability in the tourism sector. Barbara and Cornelia’s dream of creating a product that is not only functional but a force for good has come true.

For more information, visit www.gobesleeves.com or contact Barbara Booth at 201-249-4292 or boothb@qbsleeves.com.