Foxble started out making environmental-sensing bluetooth low energy devices for people on-the-go that allowed them to measure local temperatures using their smartphone. But that was just the beginning, one that led to their latest product that incorporates a wide range of new possibilities.

“Our latest device advertises environmental data without having to connect, and the receiving smartphone can rename each advertising device,” states Simon Namikas. “So, for example, if a group of 40 tourists are on a bus, the tour guide can now scan all of the devices to see not only who is on the bus but how they are doing temperature- and humidity-wise.”

In addition, the device can store the environmental data directly on the device. With ten-thousand data points available for storage, the user can select an interval at which to store the data. If shipping wine or cheese from Europe to the States, or transporting a pet on a cross-country flight, one simply includes the device with the shipment, and then on arrival downloads the data for review and analysis. Thus, it is ideal for 4-way AP match where inspection information is needed.

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