Flyypod® utilizes high caliber eco-friendly recycled materials to provide sustainable options designed to offer first-class comfort and protection in the air. Dedicated to maintaining modern aesthetics, the collection features a variety of innovative products including “the world’s first technically engineered sleeping bag.” Crafted from 100% recycled nylon and lightly filled with Thermolite down alternative, it fits over the headrest of any plane seat and extends all the way to the floor.

“Luxurious and soft, it was recently declared the “long-haul travel must-have that makes even the dreaded middle seat more comfortable,” states Andrew Schofield. “Marking a return to the Golden Age of travel, Flyypod® allows passengers to upgrade their travel experience and arrive at their destination feeling refreshed, revived, and ready to create new memories.”

Founded in Melbourne, Australia in 2018, Flyypod® represents the culmination of more than three decades spent traversing the globe. Dedicated to combining the world of fashion with industrial design, the company is dedicated to ensuring that air travel is as stylish as it is comfortable.

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