Elios, formerly known as GoPlug Bags, uses its GPS tracking technology to create the world’s first personal power bank with a global GPS tracker, a design which received an Innovation Award at the 2019 CES convention. Harnessing the capabilities and coverage of Narrowband IoT networks, the company boasts that Elios’ trackers are a huge step forward in personal and asset tracking.

“The Dragonfly, a power bank with our built-in tracker, creates the most versatile, longest-lasting and greatest-coverage personal locator on the market,” states Bethany Baily. Other products include the Cricket, a micro GPS tracker that may be attached to any personal belongings. With the use of an app, the trackers can be located in real-time, sound alarms and send an SOS signal if in distress.

Elios GPS trackers also address the safety of women and children all over of the globe who are victimized each day. The Elios GPS Trackers work worldwide, are small enough to carry, cheap to use and have low power consumption, which makes them a perfect device to protect that which you cherish the most. Elios global-connected technology provides real time tracking, SOS and movement alarms, enabling people everywhere to rest easy, knowing that those they love the most can easily be located.

For more information, visit myelios.com or contact Bethany Baily at bethany@myelios.com; 801-709-0218