Dr. Segal’s

Dr. Segal’s makes fashionable, technically-advanced compression socks for the effective relief of sore, swollen legs.

“Dr. Segal’s socks really do work,” states Bradley Kalmek. “By adding a gentle squeeze to the legs, the massaging action of our fabulous compression socks reduce leg pain and bring instant relief to tired, achy legs.”

Dr. Segal’s was founded in 2012 in Vancouver, Canada and designed by a surgeon with over 20 years of experience treating patients with vein disease. The team at Dr. Segal’s aims to popularize compression hose by keeping the medical technology and adding fashion and design, to create a product that people actually want to wear.

For more information, visit drsegals.com or contact Bradley Kalmek at bkalmek@drsegals.com; 855-377-3425.