CoolDudeChoice LLC

CoolDudeChoice is a lifestyle fashion brand company for those who are minimalist by nature and spacious as lifestyle demands. Their Cool Convertible Sling Bag converts from a minimalist sling bag to an organized spacious duffel and is constructed of fabric made from recycled plastic bottles.

“We are the first movers of an innovative patent-pending minimalist bag,” states Tushar Desai. “Our convertible bag allows users to support the sustainable movement by providing them with a smart choice – a space-saver that can replace the need for multiple bags.”

Designed for everyday outdoor activities such as cycling, weekend traveling, and day trips to the parks, the Cool Convertible Sling Bag is lightweight, gentle on the shoulder and neck, and has a variety of organizing pockets.

For more information, visit or contact Tushar Desai at 609-429-6741 or