After an 8-hour international flight in coach next to two large gentlemen, creator Chris Osse suffered from arm/shoulder pain for the next 3-4 days. Upon returning home, he worked on a simple apparatus that would help support his arms when in cramped conditions. After dozens of prototype designs and fabric types, the Armbie was born, a dual arm support sling that comfortably holds your arms in a crossed position in front of you.

“The mild compressive force and coverage of the arms and upper back gives the user a warm sense of safety that may alleviate anxiety, similar to that of a weighted vest,” states Chris Osse. “With the Armbie you will no longer have to worry about what seat you’re in or who gets the armrest as you’ll be the one catching the cozy Zs with the comfort of home wherever you roam.”

Made of silky, flexible material designed to surround one’s arms and upper back to comfortably distribute weight across the upper back, the Armbie allows the user to move their arms easily and freely without restriction, and even supports one’s arms when reading a book or scrolling on a screen. It includes a pocket to hold your phone or wallet that also doubles as a stuff sack for easy, compact storage.

For more information, visit or contact Chris Osse at 918-430-5438 or