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Must-Read News: The 2021 Travel Goods Show and the Travel Goods HUB


Please follow this link to read about the status of The 2021 Travel Goods Show and to learn about the soon-to-launch Travel Goods HUB, a new way for retailers to stay informed and manufacturers to introduce new products.

Stay Up to Speed with Showcase


Earlier this year, Travel Goods Showcase underwent a complete transformation. Our industry’s No. 1 news source – traditionally paper and printed once a quarter – is now paper-free and live online. The benefits of a digital magazine abound, and our readership has excitedly adopted the new, interactive format.

Now that the Showcase editorial team has shifted gears to paperless publication, we realize we have a significant opportunity – to nimbly add content to our website on a more regular basis. This is where you – our readers – come in. We encourage you to share your company and product announcements with us. Were you recently featured in the news? Did you roll out a new product line? Are you hiring or searching for distribution partners? Tell us about it and increase awareness of your brand.

As we increase the frequency of our posts, we encourage you to add Showcase to your reading list and sign-up for the subscriber newsletter to stay up-to-date with industry news. Travel Goods Showcase strives to keep the pulse of the travel goods industry, and we are eager to deliver what you need to know, when you need to know it. With questions, please contact Showcase digital manager Kim Wong.

We Need You to Tell Congress to Renew the GSP Program ASAP


We need members to contact Congress to urge them to renew the Generalized System of Preferences (GSP) program before it expires on Dec. 31, 2020. Under GSP, U.S. travel goods imports from developing countries such as Thailand, Cambodia, Burma (Myanmar), Indonesia, Sri Lanka, the Philippines, and Pakistan enter the U.S. duty-free. In the first nine months of 2020, U.S. travel goods imports from GSP countries increased 19.7%, supplying 15.3% of all U.S. travel goods imports. It takes only a few minutes to complete so we urge you to contact Congress today!

Travel Goods Showcase

FedEx and UPS Are Limiting Package Pickups. What That Means for Retailers


FedEx and United Parcel Service have been inundated with package deliveries this year, as e-commerce has soared during the COVID-19 lockdowns, sometimes resulting in delays. Now, during the busy holiday season, they are largely making on-time deliveries – but in ways that can still leave consumers waiting. And that is bad news for retailers. READ MORE

Hill Leaders Eye New Round of Stimulus Checks as Part of $900 Billion COVID Relief Deal


Congressional leaders, after months of a bitter stalemate and as millions of Americans have been eager for relief, are finally indicating they’re nearing a deal on a new rescue package that could pass both chambers within days. READ MORE

U.S. Labels Switzerland and Vietnam as Currency Manipulators


The U.S. has designated Switzerland and Vietnam as currency manipulators for allegedly meddling in foreign exchange markets, sparking disputes with two trading partners. The countries were labeled as such Wednesday in a U.S. Treasury Department annual report aimed at stopping countries from manipulating their currencies to achieve unfair trade advantages. READ MORE

Retailers Ramp Up Security Measures for 2020 Holiday Season


Tripwire, Inc., a leading global provider of security and compliance solutions for enterprises and industrial organizations, today announced the results of a new research report that assessed retail cybersecurity programs in 2020. Conducted for Tripwire by Dimensional Research last month, the survey evaluated the opinions of 203 security professionals working in the retail industry. READ MORE

Biden Must Make Quick, Tough Decisions About Travel


Now that the Electoral College has resoundingly certified victory for Joseph Biden in the election, attention now turns to the issues the President-Elect faces next month when he is sworn in on Inauguration Day. And the eyes of the travel community will be glued to the new administration. READ MORE

Life Was a Good Journey for Jean, 83, and Betty Mori, 84


The partnership of Jean and Betty Nunn Mori grew from marriage and raising their family to starting and growing Atlanta-based retailer Mori Luggage & Gifts. Inspired by Jean Mori’s dad, a gift and luggage businessman in Jackson, Miss., the two seized on the development of regional shopping malls and placed their first Mori Luggage & Gifts in 1971 at Northlake Mall. Then they grew it to 32 stores in six states over a nearly 50-year run. READ MORE

California Is Banning Short-term Rentals. Why Can’t Travelers Get Refunds?


The state’s latest travel restrictions make most hotel or short-term lodging illegal. But Airbnb and Vrbo, the biggest home-sharing companies, are sticking to no-refund policies. READ MORE

Holiday Retail Workers Seek ‘Temporary Lifeline’ in Warehouse Jobs


This year, the balance of available holiday jobs has shifted from storefront to warehouse and delivery as people take their shopping online. READ MORE

How to Lead When Your Team Is Exhausted – and You Are, Too


It feels like the whole world is tired. Even though the vaccine shines a light at the end of the tunnel, the home stretch will be long and perhaps take a greater toll on our professional and personal lives than we expect it to. To move through the second wave successfully, leaders need to reexamine their personal resilience and that of their team members. How strong are you under pressure? How quickly do you bounce back from defeat? Most importantly: How can you find the mental strength to lead through the last mile? READ MORE

The Future of Social Media Is All Talk


From Clubhouse to Discord to Twitter, 2020 was all about giving people a voice online. Literally. READ MORE


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