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TGA Industry News Briefs provides up-to-date information on regulatory issues affecting travel goods professionals, as well as relevant business news and updates on numerous association activities. The newsletter is sent every Thursday.

Reach over 9,000 Travel Goods Professionals Weekly.

TGA tackles today’s most relevant issues, gathered from sources like The Associated Press, The New York Times, Financial Times and the leading industry publications. Delivered to the inboxes of travel goods professionals, the TGA Industry Update keeps professionals informed of topics that impact their programs. Subscribers are decision-makers with purchasing power – the top-tier professionals in the industry.


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TGA Industry News Briefs is delivered to over 11,000 travel goods professionals. For more information on how your company can reach these individuals through TGA Industry News Briefs, contact Cathy Trecartin –, 877-842-1938, x-702. Click here for Ad Specs + Pricing.


What is Industry News Briefs?

Industry News Briefs is an email newsletter which provides up-to-date information on regulatory issues affecting travel goods professionals and the numerous activities going on with TGA. The newsletter is sent out every Thursday.

How much does a subscription cost?

Subscription to TGA Industry News Briefs is completely free!

Who should get it?

Everyone in your company should sign up. We feel that TGA Industry News Briefs will provide valuable information to all levels of staff and management within your organization.

How do I get it?

Please fill out the form above and your information will be added to our list.

Why do you ask for so much information when Industry News Briefs is sent by e-mail?

We request that you fill out all fields below so that your records can be updated in our database. This process saves time, eliminates errors, and allows you to enter the information at your leisure. We appreciate your cooperation.

Do you sell this information to third parties?

Absolutely not! We keep all information completely confidential.