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Time Stands Still for No Retailer or Exhibitor


The clock is winding down on 2022 — and on the early bird hotel rate offered through December 31 for the International Housewares Association’s Inspired Home Show 2023, March 4-7 at Chicago’s McCormick Place. Register to attend. Plan your trip. Grab that hotel discount. And plan to reconnect with colleagues on the Travel Gear + Luggage showroom floor!

Retail Spending Dips as Holiday Sales Bite into Inflation


U.S. shoppers pulled back on spending in November compared to October, in the biggest dip in almost a year. And for once, lower prices and sales seem to be part of the story. Retail spending declined 0.6% last month as holiday shopping kicked into gear, according to the latest report from the U.S. Commerce Department. In October, retail sales had increased 1.3%. READ MORE

Viewpoint: Ocean Girdle Tightens as Trade Slims Down


If you think the “Roaring ’20s” have been a dud, you clearly don’t work in logistics. This decade has been defined by several years of gluttonous spending, trade routes busting at the seams, supply chain delays, disruptions, and obscene logistics prices. If this decadence of doom doesn’t say “roaring,” nothing will. But is the roar now transforming into a purr? READ MORE

Travel Gifts for Your Next Vacation


Expert Travel Journalist Troy Petenbrink appeared on Fox 5 News in Washington, DC to share the latest travel products as we head into a busy holiday season. Several featured products are from TGA members! READ MORE

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A good flight’s sleep is possible with Flyypod®, the world’s first technically engineered sleep pod.

Soft, stylish, and eco-friendly, the Flyypod® delivers hygienic warmth and protection during transit and provides passengers a superior in-flight experience. Fitting over the headrest, it acts as a barrier between the seat and floor. Crafted from 100% recycled nylon with a Silvadur™ antibacterial shield and lightly filled with Thermolite™ 100% recycled down alternative, it’s lightweight, machine washable and a must-have for those on any long journey.

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The Gift of Travel — Holidays or Any Days


It’s the holiday season and the perfect time to celebrate the travelers on your list. There is something to fill everyone’s holiday with sparkling joy. From backpacks to puppy gear to comfy travel attire to smooth whiskey, you’ll be the best Santa ever this holiday season with one of these products — many of which are from members of the Travel Goods Association. READ MORE

The 12 Best Places to Travel in 2023


Wondering what the best places to travel in 2023 are? Us too — so we decided to ask a panel of hospitality experts to find out. Their answers were quite literally all over the place (which, in this case, is a very good thing). READ MORE

10 New Train Journeys for 2023


Much remains to be done to reverse decades of underinvestment in rail networks around the globe, but every year sees new routes, more trains and exciting new journey opportunities open up to the adventurous traveler. Here are 10 thrilling new train journeys for 2023. READ MORE

The Travel Goods HUB

SFO Luggage Thefts Almost Doubled: How to Protect Yourself


According to a recent report from the Department of Transportation, the number of delayed or lost bags rose to six out of 1,000 bags in February, up from five out of 1,000 the same time last year, suggesting that as more people travel again, baggage theft also rises. SFPD’s Airport Bureau said it has “a special team that focuses on baggage theft cases.” They recommend the following tips for passengers to reduce the likelihood of theft. READ MORE

The Asian Nation Where 35% of People Say They’ll ‘Never Travel’ Again


Everyone is traveling, it seems. Data shows people are traveling more often and for longer periods of time, with many planning big bucket list-style trips this year. But this isn’t the reality for all. READ MORE

How to Create Unforgettable Instagram Stories


Want to create Instagram stories that people will remember and engage with? Looking for inspiration for your content? In this article, you’ll find ideas and examples you can model for your Instagram stories. You’ll discover tips you can put to work right away. READ MORE

Travel Goods Magazine

17 Travel Trends You’ll See in 2023, According to our Editors and Contributors


From psychedelic retreats and adaptogenic menus to flat-pack hotels and electric road trips, these are the 17 travel trends likely to guide how we see the world in 2023. READ MORE

Six Sensible Ways to Protect Your Small Retail Business


Many small store owners don’t know how to protect themselves from theft — or simply don’t have the money to do it. A 2021 survey of small business owners found daily incidents of shoplifting nearly doubled between 2020 and 2021, with 89% of store owners grappling with the problem on a yearly basis. So how can small retailers better protect themselves, their customers and their employees? READ MORE

A Better Way to Match Supply and Demand in the Retail Supply Chain


The wild gyrations in the supply chain are wreaking havoc on retailers and their suppliers. One contributing factor is suppliers’ conventional practice of relying on orders from its immediate customer in the supply chain and not forecasts of end-customer demand to plan production. The methodology described in this article is a system that calls for a retailer to daily or weekly share its forecasts for unit sales and suppliers to use it to calculate all required labor, space, equipment, and capital resources necessary to acquire, make, transport, store, and deliver products from the final point of manufacture to the final point of sale. READ MORE

9 Tips to Grow Your Small Business with Social Media Marketing


Are you a small business owner looking to take your business to the next level? If so, social media marketing may be the key. With over 2 billion active users on social media, it’s a great way to reach new customers and grow your business. READ MORE


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