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New for 2022: Register and Receive FREE access to TWO shows


The Travel Goods Show, the World’s Best Travel Goods Showcase + ASD Market Week, the nation’s largest general merchandise show, are now under ONE roof. You’ll find more exhibitors, more products, and more chances to succeed than ever before. Discover the best travel products out there now at the HUB and see them IRL at The 2022 Travel Goods ShowREAD MORE

House Approves TGA-Supported Legislation to Address the Shipping Crisis


On December 8, the U.S. House of Representatives approved the TGA-supported Ocean Shipping Reform Act of 2021 (H.R. 4996). The legislation, if approved by the Senate, would require the Federal Maritime Commission (FMC) to establish/enforce rules that would prevent the next shipping crisis, including minimum service requirements for carriers, as well as rules barring contract breaches and excessive and unjust detention and demurrage fees.

TGA Urges Congress to Restart China Section 301 Tariff Exclusion Process


On Dec. 1, TGA joined hundreds of organizations in urging Congress to restart the China Section 301 tariff exclusion process.

TGA Urges Congress to Approve MTB


On Dec. 2, TGA joined dozens of other organizations in urging Congress to approve the Miscellaneous Tariff Bill (MTB) which would temporarily reduce or eliminate import tariffs on thousands of products, including some travel goods.

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Key Indicators Hint the Supply-Chain Crisis Is Over and Inflation Will Cool Off Soon


The final months of 2021 have been a mixed bag for the U.S. recovery. Spending held strong and the unemployment rate fell closer to pre-pandemic levels. Yet a historic imbalance between Americans’ demand and businesses’ supplies cut into optimism about a full economic recovery. Now, new data suggests the worst of the supply mess is over, and that the gap between supply and demand is starting to close. READ MORE

4 Things to Know About Omicron and Holiday Travel, Gatherings


Cases of the omicron variant have been confirmed in more than a dozen states across the country. It comes as, for the first time in two months, the United States is now averaging more than 100,000 new cases per day, according to federal data. Here are four things to know to help plan ahead for holiday gatherings and travel. READ MORE

The 2022 Travel Goods Show

Southwest Airlines Extends Gift of Travel with New and Returning Routes


Southwest Airlines is extending its bookable flight schedule to summer 2022 just in time for the holiday season. The American airline said its customer base is being given the option to “purchase the gift of travel and an early summer vacation,” starting this week. The schedule will run through June 4, 2022, according to Southwest’s press release. READ MORE

AI-Driven Shopping Start-ups Offer a Smoother Retail Experience


There are many potential use-cases for AI in the commerce sector, both in physical brick-and-mortar stores and e-commerce shop fronts. Regarding the former, Tel Aviv-based smart-cart company Shopic is developing innovative ways to interact with physical supermarkets, by way of their AI-powered device that clips onto preexisting shopping carts. READ MORE

What’s on Trend for Retail in 2022? Here Are 5 Predictions


If the past two years have taught the retail industry anything, it’s to meet the unexpected, eye-to-eye, with more of the unexpected. Unexpected as in surprising channels, unpredictable brand partnerships and even a dose of the expected. Because consumer desires have not changed; they still want shopping to be stress-free, convenient, personalized and a good value. But here’s the opportunity: When asked to rank how much 14 major retailers care about them, in terms of value and understanding, shoppers gave an average score of just seven out of 10, according to research by WSL Strategic Retail, in New York. READ MORE

The Travel Goods HUB

The Top Travel Trends for 2022 Include Nighttime Adventures and Spontaneous Trips


After staying close to home for almost two years, you’re more than ready to go wherever your passport will allow. The wanderlust within has never been greater, so it’s time to set new goals to adventure more in the new year. Chances are you’re planning to vacay in some of the greatest destinations, but where exactly should you set your sights in 2022? Well, according to some experts in the travel industry, these 2022 travel trends and predictions include so many vlog-worthy destinations as well as a greater emphasis on cool experiences. READ MORE

Your Face Is, or Will Be, Your Boarding Pass


Tech-driven changes are coming fast and furiously to airports, including advancements in biometrics that verify identity and shorten security procedures for those passengers who opt into the programs. READ MORE

NCR Unveils Top Retail Trend Predictions for 2022


Retailers have faced challenges from all angles this year. Between the ongoing effects of COVID-19, the labor shortage, supply chain difficulties and consumers’ rising expectations around digital and omnichannel experiences, many brands are simply aiming to keep their heads above water through the New Year. But with these challenges come opportunities as we look ahead to 2022. Leading retail technology solutions provider NCR shared insights on the retail industry at large and what technology trends we can expect to see retailers embrace to solve the puzzle of evolving experience expectations. READ MORE

Travel Goods Magazine

Remote Work Should Be (Mostly) Asynchronous


The pandemic accelerated many trends, from streaming, e-commerce, and food delivery platforms to the widespread adoption of remote work. But instead of taking advantage of this opportunity to improve how we work, most organizations simply took their offices online, along with the bad habits that permeated them. The following tools can help leaders implement systems to influence how we work for the better. READ MORE

What Social Media Trends Will Emerge for 2022?


2021 was a busy year for social media platforms and 2022 is shaping up to be even busier. Earlier this year I offered up some predictions on what I thought the year would hold for social media. Here’s how I see social media shaping up in 2022, along with what strategies marketers should develop for a complete customer experience. READ MORE

Work-from-Home Trend Not Working for Stores Whose Clientele Is Mainly Office Workers


Few, if any, remote workers are complaining about the work from home (WFH) uniform of sweatpants, or giving up the commute, but for millions of workers and thousands of businesses that can’t operate remotely — from restaurants to retail stores — remote work isn’t working. READ MORE


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