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Briefcases Worthy of a Meeting


Hardworking. Innovative. Dynamic. Your briefcase’s profile should match your own. And it does when McKleinUSA is at the (design) wheel. Rich in amenities, gorgeous in cowhide leather, thoughtful in organization. Meet McKleinUSA’s family — Glen Ellyn, Reagan, and Lake Forest — at the HUB and then visit them in person at The 2022 Travel Goods Show.

The Travel Goods Show + ASD Market Week = Time Wisely Spent


Have you heard? This February in Las Vegas, the 74th Annual Travel Goods Show will be co-locating with ASD Market Week, one of the nation’s longest running and largest wholesale merchandise shows in the country, for the first time ever. Buyers who pre-register for The Travel Goods Show and opt-in for a free badge to ASD will avoid paying the $55 fee to get into ASD onsite. Two shows to shop under one roof. Over 50 complimentary educational sessions. One fantastic opening night party. It’s all here: The 2022 Travel Goods Show + ASD Market Week. Register today!

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As the Holidays Approach, Supply Chain Challenges Continue for Online Retailers


Inventory shortages caused by a broken global supply chain will plague the 2021 holiday season. As the crisis drags on, retailers, government officials and other experts agree the global trade system tangles will continue well into 2022 — and possibly longer. This means large, national retailers with the best logistical infrastructures — and the most clout with suppliers — could be poised to end the holiday season as big winners. READ MORE

4 More Countries Have Been Added to the CDC’s ‘Avoid Travel’ List, Including Iceland


Four countries have been bumped up to the CDC’s list of countries that Americans should avoid due to the COVID-19 situation. READ MORE

The 2022 Travel Goods Show

Podcast: Why the Future of Work Is the Future of Travel, With Airbnb CEO Brian Chesky


Airbnb’s relationship to cities is changing as tourism changes. Airbnb used to be the poster child for a tech company that showed up without permission and fought with regulators, but as the company has grown and the pandemic has changed things, it’s entered what is hopefully a more mature phase — it just came to a deal with New York City after 10 years of argument. I asked Brian about that and about what it’s like to run a public company now — the transition from scrappy startup to public company engaged with regulators is a big one. READ MORE

Tips for Travelers Facing Chaos and Crowds This Season


This holiday travel season is shaping up to be the busiest and most chaotic in some time as people return to the roads and skies in nearly full pre-pandemic force within a weakened travel infrastructure that has yet to revive enough to efficiently meet the demand. Travel volume has rebounded over the past few months, with increased flight and hotel bookings. AAA is forecasting that 53 million Americans will be on the move Thanksgiving weekend. READ MORE

Turnkey Retail Trends That Will Shape Businesses in 2022 and Beyond


Agility and adaptability became the mantra in 2021 to optimize in-store operations and remodel them for future market trends. Customers today are knowledgeable and expect personalized service, delivered right to their doorstep. Having experienced the convenience of online shopping, customers want the same experience across offline channels as well. In 2022, retailers must embrace a customer-first approach and deliver frictionless shopping experiences using tech-led retail solutions. Let’s look at some forward-looking trends that are going to shape retail businesses next year. READ MORE

The Travel Goods HUB

The 31 Best Holiday Gifts for Frequent Travelers


The holidays are right around the corner, which means it’s time to start shopping for gifts if you haven’t already. If you’re wondering what to buy for the frequent traveler in your life, look no further. We’ve pulled together some of the best travel gifts from cameras to skincare to sleep masks and beyond. Whether you’re looking for a gift for a frequent flyer, a road trip warrior, a budget backpacker or a luxury hotel enthusiast, there’s a gift on this list for your favorite wanderer. READ MORE

Top 10 Contactless Trends to Watch in 2022


As it did with many other aspects of retail, COVID-19 gave a major boost to touchless technology applications — and enthusiasm for these solutions will continue even after the pandemic has waned, according to Greg Buzek, Founder and President of IHL Group. READ MORE

Infrastructure Bill Gives Green Light for ‘Historic’ Amtrak Funding


Part of the infrastructure bill that was signed early this week by President Biden will put $66.6 billion into the investment of Amtrak. This includes the expansion of passenger trains in Ohio. “When it comes to passenger rail, this is transformational. There’s never been this kind of investment in passenger rail probably since the New Deal Era,” said Stu Nicholson of All Aboard Ohio, an advocacy group for transportation. READ MORE

Travel Goods Magazine

Should You Be Involving Twitter in Your Business’ Social Media Marketing?


Twitter is a juggernaut of social media, even as its format may seem simplistic — or even dated — to the uninitiated. Born in 2006, with the gimmick of being able to post to the internet via text, the site quickly gained popularity due to its ease of use and unique 140-character tweet limit. Today, Twitter is more active than ever, and with a global advertising revenue of $3.21 billion, an obvious draw for advertisers. But why exactly is that, and how could Twitter help with your business’ social media campaign? READ MORE

Leadership Is Contagious


Leadership is contagious. When we take a moment to see past the job description and pay attention to the human, we breed more people in the world who lead, even when it exceeds anyone’s expectations. His leadership moment is part of the reason why I have a work ethic hard-wired in my psyche — even when I try to limit myself to a 40-hour work week, it doesn’t work. Leaders see the whole picture and the outcome of the collective leadership of your team or board of directors is something greater than any of us can create alone. READ MORE


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