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Maximum organization + minimalist design = high-performance backpacks that work hard so you can relax. That’s the Matador edge. Learn more about the engineering built into Matador’s travel equipment at the HUB now and then visit them at The 2022 Travel Goods Show.

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TGA Urges President Biden to Take Common Sense Solutions to Port Crisis


On November 3, following on the U.S. travel goods industry’s October 27 letter to President Biden, TGA joined with 95 other organizations to urge President Biden to take common sense steps to address the trucker side of the #ShippingCrisis. TGA continues to lobby the Biden administration to take immediate action to end the shipping crisis and provide relief to the industry. We need you to continue to tell President Biden and your members of Congress to act now, and push Congress to approve OSRA 21.

Ports of LA/Long Beach Impose Cargo Fee on Carriers


On November 1, the Ports of Los Angeles/Long Beach imposed a new $100 fee on carriers that fail to remove cargo from the ports. The purpose of the new fee is to incentivize carriers to remove cargo from the ports so there is room to return empty containers and unload the dozens of ships waiting out in San Pedro Bay. As TGA predicted, carriers are passing-through the new fees directly to shippers — See CMA-CGMCOSCOMaersk (See Questions #11 and #13)Yang Ming (See Questions #8 and #11)Zim. At least 59,000 containers are subject to the new fee, which translates to $5.9 million in fees on Day 1 alone, impacting small shippers the worst. TGA is using as a proof-point with the White House and others that the new fee will only create more headaches for shippers without resolving anything, and that other approaches must be implemented, but those approaches must have the cooperation of all stakeholders to work.

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The Best Luggage in the World: The 2021 Readers’ Choice Awards


Every year, Condé Nast Traveler readers weigh in on their favorite destinations, hotels, airlines, and more in our annual Readers’ Choice Awards. This year, for the first time, we added luggage to the list, so we could hear straight from the source what luggage brands you trust most. After all, no matter the trip — be it a safari, cruise, city escape, or weekend in the woods — you need something to carry your belongings. And for many of us, that same carry-on, duffel bag, or backpack becomes our trusty travel companion for years at a time. READ MORE

How The Pandemic Changed Retail Design


The pandemic has changed the way the world’s most creative retail designers approach their craft. Few have been more outspoken about it than Landini Associates, an international retail design and brand consultancy based in Sydney. NRF spoke with Managing Director Rikki Landini about how the global design firm that she co-founded with her husband and creative director Mark Landini in 1993 is “reinventing normal” for clients from McDonald’s to Aldi to Burt’s Bees. READ MORE

10 CEOs Share Their Stories About Hard Choices They’ve Made — and How They Did It


There’s no mistaking good leadership. It’s canceling a meeting because, frankly, you didn’t need to meet. It’s making a great hire because good leaders (often) beget good leaders. It’s leaving most things up to the team — and making key decisions when it matters. Ultimately, good leaders know when to step in, when to step back, and when to get completely out of the way. Grab a pencil, settle in, and take notes from the masters. READ MORE

The 2022 Travel Goods Show

Bed Bath & Beyond Stock Jumps 67% After Online, In-store Retail Partnership with Kroger


Shares of Bed Bath & Beyond Inc. skyrocketed as much as 106% in the extended session Tuesday after the retailer announced a partnership to have some of its “most sought-after” baby and home items available at Kroger Co.’s stores and site and said it was ahead of its share buyback schedule. READ MORE

40 Travel Essentials Everyone Needs in 2021 (and Beyond), According to Travel Experts


Whether you’re taking trains, planes, or automobiles, here are the 30 best travel essentials every adventurer needs in 2021, all approved by experts. READ MORE

Top 10 Contactless Trends to Watch in 2022


As it did with many other aspects of retail, COVID-19 gave a major boost to touchless technology applications — and enthusiasm for these solutions will continue even after the pandemic has waned, according to Greg Buzek, Founder and President of IHL Group. Buzek, who has studied and quantified retail technology for decades, shared the top 10 contactless trends to watch for in the coming months and years. READ MORE

The Travel Goods HUB

3 Ways to Keep Up with Ever-evolving Social Media Platforms


As social media marketers, we understand the fluidity of social media. We need to keep up with platform algorithm changes, adjust our strategies, revise our advertising to adhere to new policies and best practices, change optimized photo sizes, and then wait for the next big announcement and start over again. Social media is ever-evolving, and we need to ensure that we stay in peak condition for our clients or our own companies. Here are some ideas on how to do that. READ MORE

5 Pandemic Tech Innovations That Will Change Travel Forever


As the tourism industry — which logged a billion fewer international arrivals in 2020 than 2019 — sputters back to life, masks may begin to disappear, but many pandemic-era tech tools will continue to factor into your trips. READ MORE

Supply Chain Disruptions Will Take ‘Quite a Long Time’ to Resolve, Says Shipping Firm CEO


Disruptions in global supply chains — which have led to a shortage of some goods — will take “quite a long time” to resolve and push consumer prices even higher, a shipping executive said. READ MORE

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