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In Travel Problem-Solvers, we asked travel goods professionals what unique problem-solving product they can’t travel without. And they delivered, with convertible bags (at every price point!), clothing packing solutions, and accessories that keep all your necessities accessible as you dash through the airport, line up for a cruise ship, or trek through a theme park. In the latest Industry Buzz you’ll find products to help you connect in many ways. Plus, many new pieces of ingenious travel gear you’ll want to know about.

TGA Urges President Biden to Prevent Rail Strike


On October 27, TGA joined over 300 business organizations in urging President Biden to prevent a rail strike. On October 26, the Brotherhood of Railroad Signalmen voted 61% to 39% to become the second rail union to reject the rail contract. To date, 6 of the 12 rail unions have ratified the contract, with four more unions, include the two largest, scheduled to vote on the contract by mid-November.

The 2023 Travel Goods Show

Holiday Hangovers: Can Retailers Clear Out Their Inventory Piles as the Season Ramps Up?


In late September, Nike joined the cadre of companies to announce something along the lines of “decisive action” on inventory. That was the phrase used – twice – by Nike Chief Financial Officer Matthew Friend on a call with analysts, one that mentioned the word “inventory” 48 timesREAD MORE

Shipping Rates Are No Longer Plunging. Is ‘New Normal’ Near?


Ocean shipping spot rate indexes are still falling. But after months of steep declines, they’re dropping much less rapidly than before. It could be just a temporary plateau before the next leg down. Or it could be something more significant: the first sign of the market bottom, the post-pandemic “new normal.” READ MORE

Delta Pilots Weigh Strike Amid Contract Negotiations as Holidays Near


The pilots working for two of the U.S.’s largest airlines are calling on the companies to meet their demands as they continue negotiations for new contracts amid unprecedented demand for air travel and staffing shortages. READ MORE

Advertisement Prima USA Travel Inc. Prima USA Travel Inc.
Based in Los Angeles, Prima USA Travel Inc. designs and manufactures suitcases, bags, and travel accessories always with the traveler in mind. Prima houses an extensive catalog of luggage for all market tiers under American Green Travel, Puíche, AMKA, Vino Via, American Sport Plus, and ArgoSport labels. For more information, please visit, or reach us at, 323-838-0801.

32 Predictions for Social Media Marketing in 2023


What a chaotic 12 months it’s been for the major social networks. Meta continued its gradual decline, TikTok continues to rise, and Twitter is right now in the midst of a chaotic management shift, which could basically see anything happen at the app. With all that’s going on, it’s difficult to predict what might be coming next, but we’ll give it a shot, with our 2023 predictions for each of the major social apps. READ MORE

Holiday Flights Will Be Pricey and Packed. Here Are 5 Things to Know Before You Book


Time is running out if you’re hoping to book a relatively inexpensive flight over the holidays. Airlines say that demand is sky high and, as a result, airfares are soaring. READ MORE

A Hidden Roadblock for Effective Leadership: You’re Attached to Your Story


When you get a new eyeglasses prescription, you have to be willing to let your old glasses go. Sure, you can keep the frames, but there has to be an actual replacement of the lenses so you can see clearly. You can’t just add one lens on top of the other. I know that sounds ridiculous, but this is exactly what people often try to do when it comes to changing their perceptual lens. Let go of your story. READ MORE

The Travel Goods HUB

Black Friday and Cyber Monday 2022 Dates and How the Retail Holidays Came to Be


Sales are nearly upon us, and some have already begun. If you’re looking to mark your calendars and learn about the history of retail holidays like Black Friday, Cyber Monday and more, read on. READ MORE

These Are the 11 Best Travel Fanny Packs for Easy, Hands-Free Travel


Unlike the fanny packs of yesteryear, today’s travel fanny packs have taken on a new identity. Also referred to as sling bags, crossbody bags and belt bags, this latest iteration of the classic accessory is now most commonly slung across the chest with the pack part in either the front or back instead of across the waist. Whether this is your first (or second) era with the fanny pack, they are undeniably handy — so here are our top picks for travel. READ MORE

Travel Goods Magazine

Why Some of Your Salespeople Are Dragging — and How to Fix It


Sales leaders recognize the acute talent challenge on their hands, particularly in the era of catchily named, viral workplace trends (looking at you, quiet quitting). They clutch the old playbook in the hopes of finding some way to motivate their people by making tweaks to compensation, recognition, and reward. The problem is, nearly six in 10 sellers describe the leadership of their sales organization as not understanding what “really” motivates sellers. READ MORE

LOL: Guy Tracks Stolen Luggage to House in Anchorage Using AirTags


A Twitter user named Errol Webber recently Tweeted about how he had something stolen out of his checked luggage while flying with United Airlines. Typically, this would be a really frustrated Tweet where you’d feel helpless, but the tone here is quite different, thanks to AirTags. READ MORE


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