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Want to be Featured in Travel Goods Magazine?


We’re looking for essential travel accessories that meet the needs of today’s travelers. If you manufacture products that protect, recharge, and organize essential electronics, meet the hygiene needs of the COVID-conscious traveler, or add comfort on long haul flights and in strange accommodations — we want to hear from you. We also want to see accessories that add pleasure to a trip — supporting hobbies, entertaining us on the road, or helping business travelers squeeze a little vacation into their journeys. To be considered, please email product details, MSRP, and a product photo to Kim Wong,, by October 22.

The New Travel Goods Show: Better Attendance + New Buyers = Your Success


Have you heard? The Travel Goods Show will be taking place alongside ASD Market Week in Las Vegas, February 27–March 1. Through our partnership with ASD Market Week, TGA is committed to making this Show better than ever! Get (or renew) your TGA membership now at 75% off through October 18, 2021. And sign up for booth space NOW. Booth space is $12.50/sq. ft. until October 18th (regularly $16.00/sq. ft.). Booth assignments will be made in the order applications and deposits are received. With questions, contact Cathy Trecartin,, (877) 842-1938 x-702.

We Need You to Join U.S. Travel Goods Industry Letter Urging President Biden to Act on Shipping Crisis


We need you to join 25 of your industry colleagues by signing a letter urging President Biden to act to end the shipping crisis now and provide immediate relief to our industry. The industry letter, which follows up TGA’s June 24 letter, urges Biden to force all parties to the table to resolve the worsening shipping crisis, enforce the rules to stop excessive fees and breaches of contract, and provide immediate relief by renewing the Generalized System of Preferences (GSP) program and suspending the China Section 301 tariffs. We don’t need an actual signature, just your company name. To sign the letter, please contact TGA’s Nate Herman ( by COB this coming Wednesday, October 20.

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The Port of LA Will Operate 24/7 to Address Supply Chain Issues


The Biden administration announced a number of measures to address global supply-chain snarls that are clogging up U.S. ports and sparking concern that retailers will not be able to fill holiday shopping orders on time. One piece of the plan is to keep the Port of Los Angeles open around the clock. READ MORE

U.S. Businesses Are Taking Account of Biden’s Trade Policy on China


NPR’s Rachel Martin talks to Texas business owner Tiffany Williams, she’s a TGA member and co-owner of the Luggage Shop of Lubbock, about the impact of the Biden administration’s trade strategy with China. READ MORE

China Presses U.S. to Cancel Tariffs in Test of Bilateral Engagement


China said on Saturday it pressed the U.S. to eliminate tariffs in talks between the countries’ top trade officials that Washington saw as a test of bilateral engagement between the world’s biggest economies. READ MORE

The 2022 Travel Goods Show

Vietnam’s Staff-starved Factories Implore Employees to Come Back


Whether yoga pants and Air Jordans appear under Christmas trees in the U.S. and Europe may come down to Vietnamese assembly line workers like Le Thi My. My is part of an exodus of factory employees who have gone back to their home villages from Vietnam’s southern industrial belt, the epicenter of the nation’s worst coronavirus outbreak. Millions more are poised to follow, as months-long mobility restrictions that confined workers to cramped housing recently eased. READ MORE

Re-entry Stress Is Contagious. Here’s How to Protect Yourself


Re-entry anxiety doesn’t only affect the individual employee experiencing it. Stress is contagious — a psychological effect known as emotional contagion. Research has shown it’s possible to “catch” the emotions of others. In other words, humans naturally (and unconsciously) mimic the behaviors, posture, and facial expressions of those who they spend a lot of time around. READ MORE

Pent-up Demand for International Holiday Travel Meets COVID


International travel poses an increased risk of infection even for fully vaccinated travelers. If you don’t follow local rules on masks, testing or quarantine, you could be forced to return to the U.S. Travel restrictions continue to evolve. Check frequently with your airline and destination for the latest requirements. READ MORE

The Travel Goods HUB

How the Ultra-Rich Are Traveling During COVID, According to Their Travel Advisers


Brief backlash hasn’t stopped the wealthy from returning to travel. After a year of being confined to their one, two or three homes, they are spending more than ever on vacations to make up for lost time. So, what does a dream pandemic vacation look like when you’ve already been everywhere and bought everything? That’s the question travel advisers for ultra-high-net-worth individuals must ask themselves on a regular basis. We spoke to three travel advisers about what kinds of trips they’re planning for the 1%. READ MORE

Master These 5 Leadership Skills to Increase Your Results Tenfold


Many founders and CEOs wonder how they can increase their company’s results tenfold, and they misguidedly look to external means. One of the most effective ways that leaders can impact their company and those around them is by internal means. Master the following leadership skillsets, and you will be surprised how quickly results will follow. READ MORE

Instagram: Why It Is the Best Social Media Platform for Marketing


Traditional marketing methods bear a hefty price tag, involve quite a bit of human capital, and takes a lot of time and planning. Technology has enabled the birth of an entirely new era of marketing, a true gift to any brand seeking to grow and ensure healthy business outcomes. READ MORE

Travel Goods Magazine

Should Retailers Set Time Guarantees for Curbside Delivery?


Office Depot has raised its own bar for curbside delivery with the launch of a “20 Minute Pickup Promise.” When the retailer is unable to make good on in-store and curbside pickup within 20 minutes, it will send the customer an email within 48 hours of placing their order with a $20 coupon off their next purchase. Among larger chains, the only other pick-up pledge backed by a guarantee comes from Domino’s, which in July rolled out a promise to hand over orders within two minutes of car arrival or provide the next pizza free. READ MORE

Southwest President Says Nothing Nefarious Behind Flight Cancellations, Airline Eyes Holiday Travel Cuts


After a rocky summer of flight cancellations and delays amid a travel surge from pandemic lows, Southwest Airlines thought things were looking up. The airline’s executives told employees in late September that the operation had been stable since mid-August. On-time performance, a dismal 62% in June, was back up over 80% in September. The momentum was short-lived. READ MORE

Outdoor Enthusiasts on the Surprising Item They Can’t Travel Without


When you’re gearing up for an adventure in nature, there’s the standard packing list: hiking boots, a tent, flashlight, s’more ingredients — the usual suspects. But seasoned outdoor enthusiasts tend to pepper in their own can’t-live-without staples that range from practical to unexpected to borderline odd. And no matter how unpredictable these ideas may be, at the end of the day, it’s the things that make your experience outdoors more seamless and enjoyable that count the most. READ MORE


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