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Here’s a Who’s Who of SHOW-Offs


Who’s showing off new travel products at The 2023 Travel Goods Show? Bon Voyage®, Travelers Club®, WANDRD, FLYYPOD® and Jack Georges — that’s who! They’re part of an exciting Show lineup as we all move #ForwardTogether. Haven’t got your booth yet? Click here.

Qualified buyers register here for your FREE badge — and plan to see who all will be with us in the Entertainment Capital of the World. READ MORE

Travel Goods Take Center Stage (Off Camera and On)


Happy days are here again with luggage sales increasing nearly 80% and other travel goods categories getting a big bump, too. Is it revenge shopping? Back to biz as usual? Find out in Nate Herman’s “State of the U.S. Travel Goods Market” report. READ MORE

Let’s meet a couple of TGA members — it only takes a minute. Meet McKlein and its collection of professional briefcases, backpacks and bags, and Cabeau and the Incredi-belt™ Lumbar Support. Each stars in Packed in a Minute, TGA’s ongoing video series featuring our members and their travel products. Want to be the clip everyone binges? Send in your product video for Packed in a Minute today. READ MORE

September 20 GSP Lobby Day in Washington, D.C. and New GSP Legislation


On September 20, the Coalition for GSP — of which TGA is a member — will hold a lobby day in Washington, D.C. It is open to all U.S. importers and there is no cost to attend, so we strongly encourage you to participate and share the importance of GSP to your company. If you can attend, please register here as soon as possible. The meetings are timely: new legislation will be introduced shortly that could refund over $700 million in tariffs paid on luggage, handbags, backpacks, cases, wallets, etc. due to GSP expiration. We will ask Congressional offices to support that legislation as the bare minimum Congress should do this year (i.e., if no larger renewal deal can be reached). Please contact TGA’s Nate Herman if you have any questions or if you plan to attend the September 20 lobby day.

The 2023 Travel Goods Show

Biden Administration to Maintain China Tariffs While Review Continues


The Biden administration said on Friday it will keep tariffs on hundreds of billions of dollars’ worth of Chinese imports in place while it continues a statutory review of the duties imposed by former President Donald Trump. READ MORE

Uyghurs: China May Have Committed Crimes Against Humanity in Xinjiang — UN


The UN has accused China of “serious human rights violations” in a long-awaited report into allegations of abuse in Xinjiang province. China had urged the UN not to release the report — with Beijing calling it a “farce” arranged by Western powers. READ MORE

2 More Freight Rail Unions Reach Tentative Agreements for New Labor Contract


Two more railroad unions reached tentative labor agreements with the U.S. freight railroads right before Labor Day weekend. The International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers (IBEW) and the American Train Dispatchers Association (ATDA) both said the labor agreements are based on recommendations from the Presidential Emergency Board (PEB), a three-person independent committee appointed by President Joe Biden that sought to come up with ways that the unions and railroads could settle their differences. READ MORE

Advertisement TROCHI


Operating from our head office in Toronto, Canada, Trochi-Travel is an international purveyor of luxurious, high-quality, and moderately-priced hard-side, rolling luggage for today’s travelers. Formed in 2015 in response to the growing demand for premium quality, yet affordable luggage, Trochi-Travel presents a line of products made from the finest raw materials, designed to be both functional and beautiful. You can count on Trochi luggage to meet all the rigorous demands of modern, international travel, and look good while doing it.

Contact: Terry Jiang at, 905-534-7008. VISIT TROCHI.COM/TROCHI-TRAVEL

Holiday Air Travel Tops Pre-Pandemic Levels for the First Time


For the first time since COVID-19 brought air travel to a standstill, the number of people streaming through U.S. airport-security checkpoints over a holiday weekend exceeded pre-pandemic levels. READ MORE

Recommerce Tech Firm Grows as REI, Lululemon Expand Used Apparel Sales


Trove, a recommerce operating system, announced last week that its technology is now present in more than 700 stores nationwide. Lululemon, Patagonia, REI and Levi’s are among the brands that have adopted the technology, which touts its ability to help companies reach sustainability goals while “extending the life of high-quality products,” according to a company press release and website. READ MORE

Are You Afraid to Identify as a Leader?


When it comes to leading, self-identity matters. Research has shown that seeing yourself as a leader is an important first step on the path toward becoming one — and reluctance to identify as a leader can keep capable people from taking on leadership responsibilities. So, why are people so often uncomfortable with thinking of themselves as leaders? READ MORE

The Travel Goods HUB

5 Types of Social Media Networks and the Benefits of Each One


As social media evolves, it can be difficult for brands to determine where to focus their attention. And who has the time to engage on all social media platforms and apps effectively? No one. So then, which ones should your brand use to connect with its audience? Well, that depends on a couple of factors. READ MORE

Travel Industry Revival Shows U.S. Consumers Are Willing to Spend


News from several travel-related companies shows consumer spending is healthy. Demand is high, and the industry is rebounding as pandemic-era troubles subside. READ MORE

The Top Five Trends for Luxury Retail in 2023


Luxury retail is traditionally thought to be among the most insulated of retail segments against market disruptions. However, new challenges are on the horizon that cannot be solved so easily. To thrive in this new paradigm, luxury brands must rewrite the story of who they are and how they interact with their consumers. Here are the top luxury retail trends worth monitoring for any brand wanting to make an impact in 2023 and beyond. READ MORE

Travel Goods Magazine

Receipt Data Makes Corporate Travel Expense Management More ‘Hospitable’


The road warriors are returning to airports, hotels and restaurants in droves. And, curiously enough, in an age when consumers can book and pay for travel (and all the stops during the trips) with just a double click, for corporate travelers, the hospitality business is still anything but hospitable. At least when it comes to expense management. READ MORE

The 10 Best Fanny Packs for Every Type of Adventure


The answer to the question, “Are fanny packs still cool?” will always be a resounding yes for me — I’m Team Hip Pack all the way (I am aware that others are not so sure). I’ll still reach for a backpack when I’m going for a long hike or have my kid with me, but for most quick outings, I think a fanny pack is the way to go. For whatever you like to do, here are 10 fanny packs that get the job done — and look good doing it. READ MORE


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