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Exhibitor Badge Registration Now Open


“Never put off till tomorrow what may be done day after tomorrow just as well.” Just kidding! We love a good Mark Twain quote, too — but now is the time for exhibitors to register for their badge for The 2023 Travel Goods Show. Haven’t got your booth yet? Click here.

Qualified buyers register here for your FREE badge and — time to start dreaming about seeing in person the latest and greatest in travel goods and gear in the Entertainment Capital of the World.

The 2023 Travel Goods Show

Las Vegas Is the No.1 Happiest Place to Travel to in North America — Here’s What Else Made the List


Club Med released its list of the top 10 happiest travel destinations in North America after compiling data from the 50 most-visited tourist destinations. Las Vegas topped the list with an index score of 73.7. The popular destination got an overall happiness score of 27.6 thanks to a wide range of activities perfect for visitors planning to get the most out of their stay. READ MORE

Holiday Travel Quiz! How Well Do You Know These Facts About Labor Day Travel and More?


This new quiz will test your knowledge of summer and Labor Day travel ahead of the holiday weekend. READ MORE

Advertisement Sinox


Established in 1978 by a team of aerospace engineers, Sinox has since grown into a world-renowned security lock manufacturer distinguished for its innovative design and production of quality locks.

Over 44 years of experience supported by a team of 50 designers and engineers, our locks have won much acclaim among our global clients.

Contact: Anna Chen at VISIT SINOXLOCK.COM

Travel Smarter with TikTok-Inspired Packing Hacks That Save Money and Space


If you’ve traveled by plane in the past few months or watched any news coverage on airports lately, you know that lost luggage has also become a major issue, along with delays and flight cancellations. If baggage fees weren’t enough of a deterrent for you to skip full-sized rolling luggage already, images of lost luggage in airports across North America have pushed most travelers into rethinking whether they need to bring a backup outfit for every day they are away from home. If an airport is in your future, you need travel hacks. READ MORE

Steps to Take if You Think an Airline Has Damaged Your Luggage


It’s reasonable to expect your bag to experience normal wear and tear over time. However, what happens when your luggage becomes damaged beyond that when getting from point A to point B? Damaged baggage policies are fairly consistent across airlines, with several key steps you’ll need to take. Here’s everything you need to know about submitting a claim and what you can expect throughout the process. READ MORE

Advertisement NOMATIC

NOMATIC are the creators of versatile bags that inspire confidence for people who live on the move.

NOMATIC began when two cousins, Jon Richards and Jacob Durham, designed an innovative wallet and launched it on Kickstarter. They expected to get about 50 orders; however, more than 6,000 people backed their campaign. Since then, they have launched multiple crowdfunding campaigns and shipped products to hundreds of thousands of people worldwide. NOMATIC continues to innovate products by listening to what consumers want, prioritizing quality, and creating the best functional products to help you easily navigate your adventurous travels and everyday life.


Should Retail Worry About the ‘Quiet Quitting’ Trend?


A global trend dubbed “quiet quitting” has replaced “The Great Resignation” as the latest development among disgruntled workers arising from the pandemic. Quiet quitting, like The Great Resignation, is about seeking greater work-life balance — except you get to keep your job. Some feel the catchphrase, popularized on TikTok, is about doing the bare minimum at your job, including avoiding overtime and tasks outside your job description as well as limiting engagement at work, such as switching off devices and logging off after work hours. READ MORE

Curbside Pickup Is Here to Stay and Retailers Are Going All-in


With inflation causing consumers to change their spending habits, major retailers are leaning into “omnichannel” shopping options to draw in customers. READ MORE

T-Mobile Says 5G and Embedded Payments Set to Unlock New Connected Retail Experiences


Even in the early days of its commercial rollout, we know that 5G has the fastest throughput and connective capability of any standard yet conceived, but it remains somewhat abstract. That era is setting as 5G solutions and experiences begin appearing in stores and homes. In a conversation for the series “Digital Payments Flip the Script: 10 Merchants and 10 Visions for Digital Transformation,” Chris Melus, vice president of product development, advanced wireless solutions at T-Mobile for Business, discussed the many ways 5G tech is either about to transform whole industries, or is already doing so. READ MORE

The Travel Goods HUB

What Is a Social Media Content Creator and When Should You Hire One?


Hiring for a role you’ve never filled before can be tricky, especially when it’s a role that’s still emerging within its discipline. If you want to level up your social strategy with a social media content creator, here’s everything you need to know. READ MORE

Accelerate Your Trade Show ROI


The return of in-person trade shows is welcome news to most marketers. There are few marketing channels that generate more qualified leads and grow relationships better than a trade show. As we return to these types of events, however, you might be wondering how to really make the most of these experiences and ensure you see a positive return on your investment. READ MORE

Travel Goods Magazine

20 of Our Favorite Crossbody Bags That Are Perfect for Travel


If you want to qualify as a savvy traveler, there are a few must-haves. Luggage with spinner wheels? Check. Packing cubes? Oh yeah. A crossbody bag? Must-have! While great for everyday use, crossbody bags are essential for traveling. Not only do they allow you to be hands-free — so you can roll through the airport, take selfies and eat gelato with ease — they’re also a lot harder for pickpockets to strike upon. READ MORE

‘We’ve Effectively Taken a Pay Cut’: How Inflation Is Impacting Retail Workers


Inflation is crushing workers across all industries. But in retail, it’s laid bare for many workers the longtime shortcomings of the industry. Workers’ schedules are at the mercy of store managers, and they often don’t get all of the hours they request. There are few opportunities for advancement within stores, and often they don’t come with as much of a pay increase as workers hope. READ MORE


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