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It’s Wine O’Clock…Somewhere


No need to leave your wine and spirits behind! Take them with you with FlyWithWine’s VinGardeValise® cases. See them at the HUB now, at The 2022 Travel Goods Show later.

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The Resurgence of Retail Stores: 4 Ways Retailers Can Come Back with Staying Power


The recently revised National Retail Federation (NRF) forecast for even higher retail growth in 2021 makes one thing very clear to me: the resurgence of the brick-and-mortar store is definitely upon us. And as such, it’s important that retailers in every category ensure their omnichannel experiences are in excellent working order. READ MORE

The Biggest Mistakes Bosses Will Make with Workers Returning After COVID-19


There’s little doubt that how we work changed dramatically during the sudden, unexpected and extensive experiment in remote work brought on by the pandemic. Many employees, working at home, became more efficient, productive and happier; others struggled and desperately missed office life. READ MORE

7 Tactics to Increase Customer Lifetime Value [Infographic]


Winning new business is key, but maintaining your existing client relationships can be even more valuable, especially if you’re dealing in goods and services that have strong add-on potential, or cater to recurring needs. READ MORE

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People Now Spend More at Amazon Than at Walmart


Proof that the online future has arrived: The biggest e-commerce company outside China has unseated the biggest brick-and-mortar seller. Amazon has eclipsed Walmart to become the world’s largest retail seller outside China, according to corporate and industry data, a milestone in the shift from brick-and-mortar to online shopping that has changed how people buy everything from Teddy Grahams to teddy bears. READ MORE

Retail Sales Drop More Than Expected on Weak Car Sales and Less Online Shopping


Consumers spent less last month than economists had expected, buying fewer things online and holding off on car purchases, the Census Bureau reported Tuesday morning, following last Friday’s report of “a stunning loss of confidence” among consumers fearful of what the surging delta variant might mean for their finances. READ MORE

The 5 Keys to Creating Connected Customer Experiences


It isn’t easy to make an online experience empathetic — it requires all kinds of connections to deliver an exceptional and personalized connected experience. Forrester released a survey recently that says companies that create these connections across channels report dramatic benefits around revenue growth, innovation, cost reduction, customer experience and digital transformation. READ MORE

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The New Office Small Talk: Are You Vaccinated?


After more than a year of working from home, millions of Americans trudged back to the office this summer. And for some, waking up at 7 a.m. and boarding a crowded train was the easiest part. READ MORE

7 Ways to Successfully Manage Managers


Managing managers can be similar, in some ways, to managing a team — you need to align priorities, communicate goals, provide feedback and serve as a mentor. But the difference in managing managers is that you have to not only oversee their work, but make sure they’re effectively supporting their teams, too. READ MORE

Do You Need an Event Technologist?


Virtual is still an unfamiliar event format for many, but it’s not diminishing in importance even as in-person events make a comeback in many cities. Event planning teams have to prepare themselves to mix virtual with onsite in the context of a “new normal” hybrid future. Feeling anxious yet? READ MORE

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Inflight Food Service Makes a Comeback


For months during the pandemic, inflight food services have been missing in action as carriers clamped down on superfluous person-to-person contact between cabin crews and customers. Now two domestic airlines are relaunching F&B offerings — with a technology twist. READ MORE

Employers Want You to Get Vaccinated. This One is Offering a $1,000 Bonus


In mid-July, David Bronner of Dr. Bronner’s soaps looked at the vaccination rate among his workers. It had reached 60% — not bad, Bronner says, but not high enough given the rapid spread of the delta variant. READ MORE

5 Tips from a Roman Emperor on Living a Good Life


He was the most powerful human being on the face of the Earth, a Roman emperor whose realm stretched from the Middle East to Britain and the Iberian Peninsula. His name was Marcus Aurelius (b.121 CE; d. 180 CE) and his reign from 161 to 180 CE was marked by a series of conflicts with Germanic tribes along the northern borders of the empire. Though he was a military commander and statesman, he is probably best known to us today as a contemplative thinker who may be closer to the Platonic ideal of the philosopher-king than any other monarch. READ MORE


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