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Don’t No-Show Your Colleagues


At last! After three years with no Show…no swapping ideas with colleagues…no learning what’s on the trends landscape…no seeing/touching the merchandise…we present The 2023 Travel Goods Show. TGA Board of Directors Chair Cliff Ensley shares why it’s critical for manufacturers and buyers to be at the Las Vegas Convention Center on Sunday, April 2 and Monday, April 3. READ MORE

Calling for the Latest Travel Problem Solvers


Does it strap to a camel? Fit in a cruise ship stateroom? Ensure your cell phone survives a waterfall? We want to hear about it! Can it keep your family’s passports and vaccination cards in order? Add comfort during flight delays? Or cleverly solve any other challenges of modern travel? Send us your latest and greatest! Bonus points for personal stories that illustrate just how essential the product is. And manufacturers — please share that “ah-ha” moment that led you to develop your new problem solver. Please email your product info (name of item/product details/MSRP) + image to no later than August 2, 2022. READ MORE

Progress on West Coast Port and Rail Labor Contract Negotiations


On July 15, in response to AAFA’s July 12 letter, President Biden announced the formation of the Presidential Emergency Board (PEB), which will spend the next 30 days holding hearings on the two-year-old stalled rail labor contract negotiations, recommending a new agreement at the end of the 30 days. During those 30 days, neither the railroads nor its 150,000 workers are allowed to engage in work actions. Meanwhile, some sources predict that the two sides in the West Coast port labor contract negotiations will reach an agreement by September with no work interruptions.

The Travel Goods Show

Container Shipping Spot Rates Still Falling: What Will Be the New Normal?


Which of these two is happier? Someone who wins $3 million in the lottery then blows $2 million in Vegas, or someone who wins $1 million in the lottery and puts it in the bank? Containerized cargo shippers face the reverse emotional scenario. Who’s less upset if spot rates quintuple? A shipper who’s used to paying $1,500 per forty-foot equivalent unit and suddenly sees rates jump to $7,500? Or one who pays $1,500 per FEU for years, gets slammed with crippling rates of $20,000 per FEU including premium charges, then gets “relief” as rates slide all the way back down to $7,500? READ MORE

Over $31 Billion in Trade Is Rail-Landlocked or Stuck at Anchor Off U.S. Coasts


Tens of billions of dollars in trade are either landlocked or anchored at sea in the United States and in Europe as congestion builds at the ports. According to MarineTraffic, approximately 460,000 twenty-foot container equivalent units (TEUs) were loaded on vessels waiting off the East Coast ports and 180,000 TEUs are stacked on vessels off the West Coast ports as of July 13. READ MORE

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Congestion Shifts to U.S. East Coast Ports


Congestion at U.S. West Coast ports hit the headlines last year as it reached record levels with vessels waiting more than three weeks to berth at the key ports of Los Angeles and Long Beach with severe pressure on the supply chain. However, the latest edition of The McCown Report by Blue Alpha Capital said that the port congestion situation in the U.S. had morphed from primarily impacting the West Coast to impacting all coastal ranges. READ MORE

Tread a Little Greener with This Environmentally Conscious Travel Gear


Looking to make your next trip a little greener? Start with your suitcase. Traveling with a lighter effect on the planet has gotten easier, thanks to innovations in recycled and other sustainable gear. By using recycled plastics and fishing nets, as well as postindustrial cotton that would otherwise end up in a landfill, the following companies have prioritized sustainability and adventure. READ MORE

The Travel Goods HUB

‘A One-Hour Layover Is Not Enough Anymore’: A Flight Attendant’s Tips on Surviving Travel Now


In two decades of flying, things have never been as stressful as they are now, a cabin insider says. Here, her tips from 30,000 feet for avoiding airline chaos this summer. READ MORE

Digital Marketing Trends for 2022


The advent of digital tools has upended age-old processes in marketing and advertising. Digital marketing technology is now a requirement for identifying, attracting, and retaining customers in an omnichannel world. Here are MIT Sloan researchers’ top digital marketing trends for 2022. READ MORE

Overstock CEO: How to Step Out of the Shadow of a Larger-Than-Life Founder


Company founders have profound effects on culture. Their influence on the hearts of executives (and the organization) can run deep — for better or for worse. A CEO transition is a space between legacy management and new management, filled with doubt, concern, even indifference. Here are a few key concepts to consider for leaders who might find themselves in a similar situation. READ MORE

Travel Goods Magazine

5 Predictions for the 2022 Holiday Shopping Season


The rise in prices could mar the 2022 Christmas shopping season as consumers count pennies and save on gifts wherever possible. This year my predictions are early, as the current downward economic trends could prompt ecommerce owners and managers to plan earlier than usual. READ MORE

Another Pain Point in a Summer of Travel Woes: Getting a Passport


If you’re urgently in need of a new or updated passport, brace yourself: Options have narrowed – and it’s likely going to cost you. READ MORE


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