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TGA Urges U.S. Government to End China Section 301 Tariffs


On July 8, TGA joined hundreds of organizations in telling the U.S. International Trade Commission (ITC) that the China Section 301 tariffs have not worked and have only hurt American businesses, American workers, and American families, especially at a time of surging inflation.

The Travel Goods Show

Long Beach Container Backlog Crosses Red Line as Delays Mount


The number of container ships waiting off Los Angeles and Long Beach is well off its highs, but the pileup of import containers waiting on Southern California terminal yards is rapidly reapproaching its peak. Long Beach just crossed a red line. The number of import containers sitting on Long Beach terminals for nine days or more is now higher than it was on October 28, 2021, the date the port first began counting these boxes as part of a plan to reduce them. READ MORE

Biden Closes in on China Tariffs Decision While Midterms Loom


President Biden is contending with competing political and policy pressures as he closes in on a decision on whether to lift Trump-era tariffs on Chinese imports. On one hand, it’s one of the only options at Biden’s disposal to try to lower the price of everyday goods that are subject to tariffs of up to 25%. But axing tariffs would have a minimal impact on inflation, experts say, and doing so could alienate Biden’s labor union backers, some of his own Cabinet members and voters while causing him to look weak on China — all while heading into the midterm elections. READ MORE

Amid the Summer Flying ‘Meltdown,’ Add Lost Luggage


Surging air travel demand and airport staffing shortages have made this a bedeviling season when it comes to missing luggage. Here’s what to know if your bag doesn’t arrive when you do. READ MORE

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The Euro and the Dollar Are Under Half a Penny Away from Parity for the First Time in 20 Years


For the first time in 20 years, the exchange rate between the euro and the U.S. dollar is nearly the same — the two currencies are less than one cent away from parity. The euro hovered around $1.004 earlier this week, down about 12% since the start of the year. READ MORE

I Took a 35-Hour Train Ride from Los Angeles to Seattle in a Roomette. Here Are 11 Things That Surprised Me the Most


I recently rode on Amtrak’s Coast Starlight from Los Angeles to Seattle. I felt ready for the 35-hour journey up the West Coast. Here are the 11 things that surprised me the most during my trip. READ MORE

Biometrics Are Transforming the Retail Landscape


In this landscape, biometrics have emerged as a transformative solution for applications ranging from customer loyalty to loss prevention. Their power is deceptively simple: by giving retailers the ability to quickly, securely and seamlessly identify customers, biometric technologies make it easy to tailor the shopping experience to individual needs and preferences. READ MORE

The Travel Goods HUB

10 of the Best Social Media Marketing Strategies for Hotels


There once was a time when searching for a hotel would begin by browsing the internet, clicking through comparison websites, or maybe even seeking recommendations from print or television adverts. Not anymore. Plenty of customers nowadays look to social media when it comes to picking a place to stay. READ MORE

It’s Time to Reimagine Employee Retention


This is a challenging time for managers. Alongside their day-to-day roles, many are facing a never-ending cycle of reskilling and recruiting on their teams. The need to reskill isn’t new, with an estimate that 1.1 billion jobs are liable to be radically transformed by technology in the next decade. However, managers are now being asked to close the skills gap at the same time as they’re responding to pandemic-prompted resignations. READ MORE

Travel Goods Magazine

What Travelers Who Are Good with Money Don’t Buy on Trips, According to Experts


We all enjoy feeling carefree when we’re traveling on vacation, but those lighthearted emotions can sometimes lead to unnecessary spending. I’m not suggesting that you pinch pennies or sacrifice enjoyable experiences, but advice from experts can help avoid wasting money or returning home with buyer’s remorse (along with tacky souvenirs). READ MORE

5 Tips from Travel Experts for Coping with Inflation This Summer


Inflation is having a major impact on travel across the world, with increasing prices for airlines, hotels, cruises and even ride-hailing services affecting travelers. A recent survey by travel marketplace Outdoorsy found that more than half of respondents don’t believe they can afford a vacation this year. “But that’s not enough to stop them from trying, as 58% have been setting aside more money to keep their vacation hopes afloat,” according to Outdoorsy’s report about its survey results. READ MORE


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