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Bank on Sexy in the HUB


It has a bank, but not a teller. And carried by both gal and feller.
A sexy item with see-through sides, its zipper design is oh-so sly.
Always game for adventure, it’s there to serve at your pleasure.
There is only one way to solve the riddle – visit the Travel Goods HUB today!

Launch a Travel Product During a Pandemic?


No challenges, right? We know better! Manufacturers: Share your trials and tribulations with us. Retailers: Weigh in on the topic. READ MORE

Economy Down/Eyebrows Up


Nate Herman weighs in on the effects of a pandemic on the State of the U.S. Travel Goods Market and Rome surprises with tours to the site of Caesar’s assassination. READ MORE

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‘It’s Been a Nightmare.’ Local Businesses Struggle to Find T-shirts, Hats Amid Shortage


There are not many commonalities among computer chips, chicken wings and T-shirts, but one is that they are all becoming increasingly hard to find. READ MORE

World of Concrete Reignites Large Trade Shows and Conventions


World of Concrete, which took place June 8-10 in Las Vegas, signaled the return of major trade shows in the United States. With banners flying over telescope cranes, power tools roaring through cement and attendees shaking hands and sometimes hugging, the event not only felt like a reunion but also a solid foundation for the return to business. READ MORE

First He Fired His Employer: Are You Ready for Society’s Great Reframing?


The Great Resignation and the future of work is just one indicator of something larger happening in a post-pandemic society – we are undergoing a Great Reframing of life’s choices and behaviors redefining how we view work and everything else. READ MORE

The Travel Goods HUB

The World’s Most Searched Bucket List Travel Experiences


Visiting the Burj Khalifa skyscraper in Dubai is the most searched for bucket list travel experience in the world. READ MORE

States Faced Financial Ruin. Now They’re Swimming in Cash


As the coronavirus tore across America last spring, elected leaders and economists feared the worst: the pandemic and resulting financial turmoil would devastate the budgets of states across the nation. Governors pleaded with Washington for a massive bailout. States borrowed billions to close the gap. And Mitch McConnell told them all to go bankrupt. READ MORE

Flyers Could Get Relief on Fees for Checked Bags That Arrive Late


In an effort to level the playing field for consumers, the U.S. Department of Transportation is proposing two rules making changes to the handling of refunds for checked bags and other passenger services, said a source familiar with the matter, not authorized to speak. READ MORE

Travel Goods Magazine

The ROI of a Weekly Video Ad Strategy [Infographic]


Does your brand have a video marketing strategy? A well-planned video strategy can drive brand awareness and loyalty, boost sales, foster greater audience connection, and much more. Most brands, however, simply don’t have the time or resources to map out a strategy that drives significant results. READ MORE

Three Ways to Be a Balanced Leader in the Age of Remote Work


The past year has witnessed seismic shifts across the globe as COVID-19 has forced companies and societies into transition. We are in a unique moment in our world’s history and are seeing progress and change that may have otherwise taken decades to occur. READ MORE

Tractor Supply CEO: ‘The Challenge of All Retailers Is to Stay Ahead of Their Customers’ Needs’


While many retailers struggled to stay afloat during the pandemic, Tractor Supply gained millions of new customers in the last fiscal year. The challenge now is keeping them, CEO Hal Lawton said during an NRF Retail Converge panel on Friday. READ MORE


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