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It’s like the shadow following Peter Pan, until it shrinks down like a soda can.
Hot and cold, it runs both ways, before collapsing at end of day.
It’s urban, utile and urbane. A thoughtful workspace for staying sane.
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What Do Frying Pans and Shrunken Gear Have in Common?


Just when we’re all feeling a little optimism, here comes pessimism to put us in our place. As the shipping crisis worsens, Washington remains silent. We know how we got here, but how can we move forward? Nate Herman offers some calls to action in this month’s “Capital Beat” – with the Travel Goods Association leading the charge.

Kids may not come with instructions, but they do come with their own ideas about what they need and want when they hit the road. See who’s supplying those needs in “Gearing Up Junior Travelers.” READ MORE

TGA Urges President Biden to Address Shipping Crisis


On June 24, TGA sent a letter urging President Biden to immediately address the shipping crisis by 1) enforcing current rules and regulations against contract breaches and unfair detention/demurrage charges; 2) forcing all stakeholders to the table to develop and implement solutions to the crisis; and 3) providing relief to the industry by eliminating tariffs. TGA has also joined a growing shipper coalition pushing Congress to pass legislation to empower the Federal Maritime Commission (FMC) to more aggressively regulate ocean carriers, terminals and ports. TGA’s actions are part of a larger social media campaign to raise public awareness of the shipping crisis and spur policy makers in Washington, DC to act to address it.

U.S. Travel Goods Imports Slowed in First Four Months of 2021


This month, the U.S. government published January-April 2021 import data. U.S. travel goods imports (as described under HTS Heading 4202 – click links to get specific import data on luggage, backpacks, flatgoods, handbags, business cases/laptop bags, and travel bags) fell slightly (1.2% by volume) in the first four months 2021 (versus January-April 2020). While U.S. luggage (-12.6%) and backpack (-30.6%) imports remained significantly down in the first four months of 2021, U.S. imports of business cases/laptop bags (+13.3%), handbags (+13.9%), and personal leather goods (+1.6%) actually saw increases.

In addition to the obvious impact of COVID-19 on sales and on travel and continuing issues with shipping, the latest import numbers show the accelerating trend away from China. In January-April 2021, U.S. travel goods imports from China slipped 5.7%, with China accounting for only 52.3% of total U.S. travel goods imports. For comparison, in 2016, China accounted for 84.7% of all U.S. travel goods imports. U.S. travel goods imports from #2 supplier Vietnam (17.2%) and #4 Burma (Myanmar) (9.2%) actually grew in the first four months of 2021. But U.S. travel goods imports from every major supplier fell in the first four months of 2021, including #3 Cambodia (-6.2%), #5 India (-9.1%), and #6 Indonesia (-12.2). Despite the declines, most top suppliers gained import share from China, with U.S. travel goods imports from Vietnam now accounting for 22.1% of all U.S. travel goods imports, followed by #3 Cambodia (8.0%), #4 Burma (Myanmar) (4.8%), and #5 India (3.9%). U.S. imports of travel goods account for approximately 99% of the U.S. travel goods market.

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6 Charts Show the Effects of Yantian Port Congestion


Three weeks ago, ocean carriers began contacting shippers to let them know another COVID-19 outbreak was impacting supply chains. READ MORE

Carrier Schedule Reliability ‘Through the Floor’ – No Normality Till Q2 22, Earliest


Ocean carrier vessel arrivals from Asia are being delayed by 20 days, or more, and there is no improvement in sight. READ MORE

EU Members Agree to Lift Travel Restrictions on U.S. Tourists


The European Union is recommending that its 27 member countries start lifting restrictions on tourists from the United States. READ MORE

The Travel Goods HUB

How Brands Can Play a Role in Today’s COVID-19 Vaccine Conversation


As COVID-19 vaccines become more accessible in the U.S., the challenge shifts to creating widespread demand and adoption across communities. Brands have the opportunity to lead the way to help people become informed and empowered. READ MORE

Artisan vs. Goliath: How AI Helps Digital Merchants Compete in the Age of Amazon


Everyone in retail has lamented, at one point or another, that “it’s everyone vs. Amazon.” Even the largest retail brands, like Target and Walmart, struggle to match the e-commerce machine of READ MORE

25 Ways to Use Social Proof on Your eCommerce Website to Increase Sales


Are you looking for ways to increase the conversion rate of your eCommerce website? Want to know how using social proof on your site can help? The team from Red Website Design share 25 ways to use social proof on your eCommerce website in this infographic. READ MORE

Travel Goods Magazine

Retail Sees a New Day for Diversity and Inclusion


In a session at NRF Retail Converge, Shannon Schuyler, principal, chief purpose & inclusion officer for PwC, moderated a conversation about the current state of diversity and inclusion initiatives in retail. Joining her were Mark Irvin, chief inclusion, diversity and talent officer for Best Buy, and Laura Watt, EVP human resources with Diageo North America. READ MORE

Vanity, the Devil’s Favorite Sin and Leadership’s Worst Enemy


“Vanity… Definitely, my favorite sin,” said the Devil, played by Al Pacino, right after Keanu Reeves’ character starts buying into the idea that he is an undefeatable attorney in the movie “The Devil’s Advocate”. Ontologically, it makes sense that the Devil has a predilection for vanity, for it can poison and derail even the most potentially beneficial of feats. READ MORE


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