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Hillside Industries delivers the world’s first INSTANTLY convertible messenger bag and backpack!

Unlike other brands, our patented bags switch from messenger bag to backpack — while being worn in under a second! Without adding extra straps or buckles that weigh and slow you down, our one-strap system has revolutionized the travel industry by giving people the loading comfort of backpacks and the accessibility of messenger bags, without any of their drawbacks. Our bags are completely ergonomic, fashionable and life changing!

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Seeking Products for Digital Nomads — Deadline: June 23, 2022


Twenty-two percent of the workforce (36.2 million Americans) is expected to be working remotely by 2025, according to Upwork. Among their favorite cities to go online? Beachy Miami; artsy Asheville, NC; and nightlife-loving Las Vegas. But before these remote workers can live their best digital nomad life, they need to be equipped with the best travel gear to make it work for their work. READ MORE

So, Share Your Story Already!


Let us know what new products you’ve created, who you’ve hired, how you made a difference, what show your product starred in (we love celebrity gossip!). Share with us and we’ll share with those who want to be in the know. Make your mama proud! Please email your info and press releases to kim@travel-goods.orgREAD MORE

TGA Urges Congressional Conferees to Include GSP Renewal, Shipping Reform, China Section 301 Tariff Exclusion Process in Competitiveness Legislation


On June 6, TGA urged Congressional conferees working to reconcile the House and Senate versions of competitiveness/anti-China legislation to ensure any final legislation includes key U.S. travel goods industry priorities, including renewal of the Generalized System of Preferences (GSP) program, passage of the Ocean Shipping Reform Act, and restart of the China Section 301 tariff exclusion process. Congressional leaders hope to reach agreement on a final competitiveness bill by July 4, although that timeline could slip.

TGA Urges President to Put Guardrails around West Coast Port Labor Contract Negotiations


On June 8, TGA urged President Biden to put guardrails on the ongoing West Coast port labor contract negotiations to ensure they do not lead to a work slowdown, strike, or lockout, and to encourage any resulting agreement to increase the productivity and efficiency of the ports. The two sides returned to the negotiating table on June 1 after the International Longshore & Warehouse Union (ILWU) left the negotiating table on May 20 and put negotiations towards a West Coast port labor contract on hold with no explanation. The current contract expires July 1, 2022.

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Business Groups Urge Biden to Help Resolve Labor Dispute at West Coast Ports


Retail, footwear and travel goods groups yesterday urged President Biden to facilitate a contract agreement between West Coast dockworkers and maritime shipping companies to prevent further port disruptions. “We urge you to encourage both parties to remain at the table until an agreement is finalized because even a relatively brief port slowdown or shutdown would compound current supply chain challenges and cause long-lasting damage to consumer confidence and American businesses,” the Retail Industry Leaders Association, American Apparel & Footwear Association and Travel Goods Association wrote in a joint letter to the White House. READ MORE

Summer Travel 2022: Nearly Two-Thirds of Americans Pay for Vacation with Savings — How to Build Your Fund


Despite constant news about Americans overspending on their credit cards, when it comes to travel, they seem to prefer using their savings. This is according to an April survey by GOBankingRates, in which 62% of respondents indicated they used savings instead of a credit card or other source of funding for their travel expenses. This is a smart move because going into debt just to go on vacation can lead to long-term financial consequences. READ MORE

Advertisement que

Meet the new Que Everywhere Totepack

Convert from a handbag to a backpack within seconds. Smart-designed compartments help you reach everything in your bag within seconds. Made for travel and every day. Made of 100% recycled material — every bag saves 40 bottles from landfill. Two colors available.

Contact: Kelly Liu at or 682-540-0039. VISIT QUEBOTTLE.COM

The Best Luggage for Travel, According to Flight Attendants


The only people who seem to be immune to clumsy baggage woes are flight attendants. Lucky for us, a few flight attendants shared their secrets and divulged some of their favorite brands and luggage options for everything from carry-ons, checked bags and personal travel, as well as some other suitcase-related tips and tricks. READ MORE

Top 10 Trends Driving Retail Growth


Ecommerce will soon eclipse brick-and-mortar, retail is facing an apocalypse, or delivery to home will become the norm in grocery shopping. None of these is true, but it doesn’t stop people from predicting them, and others from believing. When it comes to what’s ahead for retail, no one really knows. But if you’re interested in what’s driving retail growth right now, in 2022, you’ve come to the right place. There are 10 trends unfolding before us right now, very much worth watching. READ MORE

6 Keys to Becoming a Recognized Leader in Business


Most people I know in business begin by capitalizing on technical strength or passion for change, such as engineering, or focus on saving the environment. They don’t realize that it takes more to succeed in business or a career — it takes leadership skills to get people to follow you, including peers, a team, business partners, and customers. Luckily, you can learn needed leadership skills. READ MORE

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Travel Is Back. And So Are the Influencers


Love them or loathe them, as the travel world re-opens, influencers are back on the move. That’s welcome news for some hotels like the Langham on New York’s Fifth Avenue. “Ninety percent of the people we work with are amazing, they are very diligent, this is their business and they do it well,” says Louise O’Brien, regional director of public relations for the Americas at the Langham Hospitality Group. But not all hotels share O’Brien’s enthusiasm. READ MORE

Trained Rats to Be Sent into Earthquake Debris Wearing Tiny Backpacks with Microphones


Rats are being trained to be sent into earthquake debris wearing tiny backpacks outfitted with microphones so rescue teams can talk to survivors. The innovative project is being worked on by research scientist Dr. Donna Kean, 33, from Glasgow, Scotland. So far, seven rats have been trained, taking only two weeks to get them up to speed. READ MORE

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