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Meet the new Que Everywhere Totepack

Convert from a handbag to a backpack within seconds. Smart-designed compartments help you reach everything in your bag within seconds. Made for travel and every day. Made of 100% recycled material — every bag saves 40 bottles from landfill. Two colors available.

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It’s the Little Things in Life


Our members’ products solve universal problems that are often forgotten before you hit the road. Visit the HUB now to read more about Odorless Insect Shield® Bug Repellent Technology; a no-spill, no leak atomizer; and a days-of-the-week pill case to organize medications while on the go. Summer travel is calling. Are you ready? READ MORE

The Travel Goods Show

Travel: ‘We Don’t Have Enough Pilots,’ Analyst Explains Amid Cancellation Mayhem


Americans planning to fly this summer to a vacation spot of choice should prepare for annoying delays and cancellations as the airline industry grapples with severe staffing shortages. Travelers got a taste of the impending mess on the always-busy Memorial Day weekend when U.S. airlines canceled more than 2,800 flights from Thursday through Monday, according to data from Flightaware. READ MORE

Faster, Cleaner, Greener: What Lies Ahead for The World’s Railways


Faster, cleaner, greener and packed with advanced technology; rail is the only transport mode currently well placed to provide the backbone of our future mobility needs. But, while a few niche projects promise ultra high-speed travel, much of the industry is focused on keeping the world’s increasingly urbanized population moving while simultaneously limiting the effects of climate change. And then there’s the pandemic. READ MORE

Technology Company Makes U.S. Supply Chain More Efficient Through AI-Powered Digital Fleets


Technology company Baton helps truckers work around traffic, insulate drivers against rising gasoline and cut travel time in half. “Our mission is to eliminate waste of time in trucking,” Baton co-founder Nate Robert shared earlier this week. “We have software that aggregates hundreds of thousands of data points from warehouses, trucks, traffic so that we can accurately predict how long each load will take.” READ MORE

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Hillside Industries delivers the world’s first INSTANTLY convertible messenger bag and backpack!

Unlike other brands, our patented bags switch from messenger bag to backpack — while being worn in under a second! Without adding extra straps or buckles that weigh and slow you down, our one-strap system has revolutionized the travel industry by giving people the loading comfort of backpacks and the accessibility of messenger bags, without any of their drawbacks. Our bags are completely ergonomic, fashionable and life changing!

Contact Melissa Shen at or 626-215-0690. VISIT DISCOVERHILLSIDE.COM

People Are Sharing the Travel Experiences That Seriously Underwhelmed Them, from Hyped-Up Restaurants to “Must-See” Attractions


When it comes to traveling, you’re bound to do some things that blow your mind and others that leave you feeling underwhelmed. So, I browsed through the subreddit r/travel and rounded up a list of destinations, popular attractions, and experiences that, according to travelers, sadly didn’t live up to the hype. READ MORE

How Dominant Leaders Go Wrong


“Competitive,” “decisive,” “action-oriented,” even “intimidating”: many people invoke these words to describe good leaders. Indeed, several studies suggest extraverted, dominant individuals are perceived as competent, influential leaders in industry and politics. But such individuals have shortcomings as well. Dominant leaders sometimes seek to influence co-workers by fiat or force, and that has serious downsides for the companies, organizations and nations that they lead. READ MORE

Thousands of Social Media Users Aspire to Be Influencers, New Report Highlights the Remarkable Growing Trend


New research by leading marketing firm IZEA is shedding light on the growing trend of influencers and how the marketing space for this role has enough room to welcome different creators arising from all niches. As stated by the company’s CEO, no matter what an individual’s interests or passion may be, those who adore the world of social media are being welcomed into a world where you can earn a great income while using your creativity. READ MORE

The Travel Goods HUB

The Summer Worker Shortage Could Hinder Retail Growth


Roughly 30 million workers typically join the labor force over the summer for jobs in restaurants, stores, and hotels serving U.S. consumers taking breaks from work and school. But with roughly two jobs available for every unemployed person looking for work, the tight labor market is making it difficult for retailers and restaurants to add staff. READ MORE

Go Here, Not There: Vacation Alternatives for the Budget-Conscious


As inflation puts a crimp in travelers’ plans, here are some affordable suggestions for trips focused on wine, culture, food, the outdoors and more. READ MORE

Travel Goods Magazine

Ego Is the Enemy of Good Leadership


As we rise in the ranks, we acquire more power. And with that, people are more likely to want to please us by listening more attentively, agreeing more, and laughing at our jokes. All of these tickle the ego. And when the ego is tickled, it grows. David Owen, the former British Foreign Secretary and a neurologist, and Jonathan Davidson, a professor of psychiatry and behavioral sciences at Duke University, call this the “hubris syndrome,” which they define as a “disorder of the possession of power, particularly power which has been associated with overwhelming success, held for a period of years.” READ MORE

Consumers More Drawn to Products Than Brands When Ordering Online


At the start of the pandemic, restaurants realized that if they wanted to maintain their relationships with their customers through lockdown, they would have to make their menus available via online ordering platforms. Now, as online ordering has evolved into a long-term habit, consumers are no longer just looking for ways to access their favorite eateries. They now expect to be able to find the best deals on their favorite items. READ MORE


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