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Summer travel is roaring back. Are higher prices and demand impacting your plans?


Airfares are rising, as is demand for hotel and car rentals. Understaffed airlines and bad weather have canceled or delayed numerous flights. And gas prices continue to inch upward. READ MORE

Airbnb CEO: I Don’t See a Travel Recession Coming and We Won’t Freeze Hiring


Airbnb CEO Brian Chesky was in New York City earlier this week for the launch of the company’s new curated search and homepage/app, their biggest product update in a while. Besides the very upbeat message with this radical change in its product and Chesky’s upbeat message all through last year on travel going through a revolution post pandemic, he also doesn’t see a recession coming to travel. READ MORE

How to Avoid Getting Duped By “Worthless” Travel Insurance Amid New Threat of COVID Cancellations


Holiday travel is expected to rebound this summer after two years of disruptions caused by the pandemic. But Americans heading overseas should be prepared for potential flight cancellations as COVID-19 cases continue to rise. To make matters worse, travelers may have more trouble getting their money back if they test positive. Airbnb, for example, said it is dropping cancellation exceptions for COVID starting May 31, which means a host’s original rules will apply. READ MORE

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These Are the 2 Key Times to Demonstrate Your Leadership Potential in Meetings


The founder of On Point Speaking notes that humans like to be told what to expect and what to do. Parameters and rules allow you to be the leader who takes the time to set them. READ MORE

Millennial Money: Save on Family Travel Without Stressing


As an adult now, planning a trip with my own child, I fully understand how expensive — and hard — it is to travel with kids. Planning and packing requires accounting for naps, snacks, tantrums and blowouts. And you’re budgeting for extra airfare, a bigger rental car and additional lodging. You can save money on family travel and still have peace of mind. To find out how, I consulted two experts. Here’s what they had to say. READ MORE

Meta Partners with Adobe on New Social Media Marketing Training Course


As part of its promotion for its new Adobe Express creation suite, Adobe has partnered with Meta to launch a new ‘Express Your Brand’ training program, which is designed to help small business owners create more effective content, and digital marketing strategies, and maximize their business. READ MORE

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How BNPL Upended Nearly a Century of Installment Payments


In a way, BNPL is nothing new. People have been buying things on installment plans since at least the Great Depression. But BNPL changed the game by allowing consumers to take their purchases home before they were done paying for them, something that would have been unheard of in the days of layaway. READ MORE

5 Places Around the World Where People Live the Longest


While much of it boils down to genetics, getting to live into your 80s, 90s, and maybe even make it to the century mark is becoming more common. In fact, the United Nations expects the number of centenarians to grow eightfold by 2050. One way to know if you’ve got a higher chance of making it to 100? Just check your zip code to see if you live in a Blue Zone. READ MORE

Travel Goods Magazine

The Future of Space Tourism Is Now. Well, Not Quite.


From zero-pressure balloon trips to astronaut boot camps, reservations for getting off the planet — or pretending to — are skyrocketing. The prices, however, are still out of this world. READ MORE

Boeing Says Supply Chain Disruptions Hit 737 Max Production


Boeing Co. said earlier this week that supply chain disruptions slowed production and deliveries of its 737 Max cash cow narrowbody, but does not see its overall plan for the year being disrupted. The U.S. planemaker also said China was close to clearing the 737 Max to return to service, but progress with regulators and customers was delayed by stringent COVID protocols, not broader trade tensions between Washington and Beijing. READ MORE


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