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A company that pretties up pouches for meds and masks and tarts up tubes for lotions and potions – gear that keeps up when tech and travel merge with life in the fast lane – and cases with wheels so quiet they can sneak up on all the other luggage.. You’re not in the HUB yet? Register today!

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Hotel Rates on the Rise as Travel Demand Ticks Up


If you’re thinking of booking that hotel stay you’ve postponed since the pandemic began, you may want to reserve a room right away. Nightly rates, while still somewhat lower than a year ago, are slowly rising to match or – in some popular destinations – surpass pre-pandemic prices, according to travel booking technology company Koddi. READ MORE

7 Travel Trends to Expect this Summer and How to Beat the Rush


To date, 1 in 6 Americans have been fully vaccinated against COVID-19. And now that the CDC has issued new guidelines recommending travel for vaccinated individuals, travel is expected to return in a big way this summer. In anticipation, Insider reached out to travel experts across the industry to find out this summer’s biggest travel trends, plus how to find the best travel deals. READ MORE

Travelers Are ‘All in’ at Duty-Free Stores, Snapping Up Luxury Goods as Air Travel Returns


More people in airport terminals means more customers for airport shops and restaurants still reeling from pandemic traumas. Philadelphia International Airport’s Chief Revenue Officer Jim Tyrell shares, “We’re noticing that travelers who are shopping are buying high-ticket, luxury items, including jewelry, high-end handbags, sunglasses, and wallets. Things we wouldn’t expect pandemic passengers to buy,” Tyrell said. “It’s like you have people who have decided to travel and now they are all in. We hope that trend continues.” READ MORE

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Look Out Amazon Go: A Lisbon Startup Plans to Offer Autonomous Stores to Other Retailers


Lisbon-based Sensei, a computer vision startup that allows convenience stores to offer check-out-free purchasing, has secured a seed round of $6.5 million. The startup will now scale its R&D and launch new stores. READ MORE

Real ID Deadline Extended Until May 2023


The Department of Homeland Security (DHS) has extended the deadline for travelers to obtain a REAL ID once again due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. READ MORE

How Retailers Can Succeed and Help the World in the Age of Sustainability


Various studies show there’s an undoubtable uptrend around sustainable consumer products. What’s new is that increasing consumer demand is going beyond targeting only special interest categories, such as apparel or natural foods. Sustainable and responsible products are becoming the new norm. READ MORE

1 Clear Sign to Recognize Someone with the Gift of Leadership


Chief executives and heads of HR have been wrestling for years with the question, “How can I create a great workplace?” To answer that question, follow the evidence. The research asserts that leaders in those so-called “best companies” lean heavily on that one human value that not all so-called “leaders” actually possess. Trust. READ MORE

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5 Ways to Choose the Right Social Media Marketing Agency


Approximately 28% of brands utilize marketing agencies to gain a wider reach on social media by purchasing Instagram likes and followers for improving and increasing brand awareness. It is extremely challenging to find a genuine online marketing agency that will help you expand your business on social media. That is why we have listed 5 different ways to choose the right social media marketing agency. READ MORE

Is the Mall Recovery Real, or an Illusion of the Optimistic?


Does the end of the pandemic mean that American malls may be on the verge of renaissance as once homebound consumers find themselves eager to get out and spend again in the real world? Recent reports in The Wall Street Journal certainly give that impression, citing data from “a representative sample of 52 malls in March” that showed consumers are increasingly heading out to spend at the mall once again, showing traffic up 86% year on year, according to mobile device location data from analytics firm READ MORE

9 Social Media Marketing Experts to Start Following on Instagram


Marketers are always waiting for the latest expert ideas and tips to help them get an upper edge over the competition. Let’s look at some of the best Instagram profiles to start following that will provide you with an excellent and endless supply of awesome strategies, techniques, and examples to start implementing today. READ MORE

Eager to Travel Abroad? Bring Your COVID-19 Vaccine Passport


As international travel resumes, the European Union’s borders will likely open to vaccinated travelers. Some cruise lines and airlines also will require inoculation. READ MORE


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