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Advertisement bugatti This head-turning luggage will let you enjoy the destination as much as the journey, whether you’re traveling near or far. Inspired by Japan’s taste for gracious aesthetics, the Mecca, Osaka and The Classic Collections feature clean lines and elegant details. Contact Stephanie Beaudry at, 514-832-1010 ext. 233 or visit


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Need Companies to Sign GSP Letter to Congress


The House and Senate must negotiate a compromise Generalized System of Preferences (GSP) reauthorization after passing different GSP renewal provisions as part of the House-Senate conference on a China competitiveness package. The TGA-supported Coalition for GSP is seeking company/association signatures for a letter to Congressional leaders outlining GSP users’ priorities (e.g., longer length, attainable eligibility criteria). The deadline to sign is 6 p.m. EDT on Monday, May 2. Sign on here.

The Travel Goods Show

Higher Inflation Factors into Review of Tariffs on Chinese Goods


The Biden administration is carefully studying the inflationary impact of tariffs imposed on China by former President Donald Trump’s administration given a surge in consumer prices, White House press secretary Jen Psaki said on Monday. READ MORE

As Prices and Coronavirus Cases Rise, Americans Are Conflicted About Their Long-Awaited ‘Revenge Travel’ Summer


What are you doing this summer? Despite earlier rumblings about Americans embarking on outings and travel they had postponed due to the pandemic, a new study suggests coronavirus concerns — and historically high inflation — are influencing many people’s vacation planning. READ MORE

People Are Getting Travel Ideas from Social Media — Often With Hilarious Results


Nearly one in three travelers turn to social media for holiday inspiration, according to a new study. The figures are even higher for younger travelers. But there’s a darker side to social media’s flawless travel photos. Expectations may not match reality, with many photographs edited to look better than they actually are. READ MORE

9 Secret Travel Hacks Flight Attendants Always Use


If you’re looking to book tickets, board a plane, or navigate any new destination like a pro, here are the best secret travel hacks from four real flight attendants who have made jet-setting their careers…and way of life. READ MORE

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How Speed and Convenience Are Driving Retail Innovation


While the retail industry has always been quick to change, we’ve never seen anything quite like the rapid innovation caused by consumer expectations over the past two years. Cate Trotter of Insider Trends joins the latest episode of Retail Gets Real to explore some of the latest developments shaking up the industry, particularly how hyper convenience is driving the shift to ultra-fast fulfillment. READ MORE

What Social Media Advertising Tells Us About Inflation


Social media companies’ earnings reports are coming out this week, including those from Twitter and Facebook, and advertising accounts for a big piece of their business. But when Snap Inc. reported earnings last week, the company flagged problems that could hurt demand for ads. The issues are familiar — supply chain snags and inflation. READ MORE

Is Your Kid’s Friend Coming on Vacation with You? Get Written Consent from Their Parents First


Traveling with someone else’s child should include a series of extra pre-travel steps to make it wholly clear to authorities that you have permission from the child’s parents. This is when a letter of permission to travel or a child travel consent form is vital. READ MORE

The Travel Goods HUB

How Luxury Travel Has Changed Since the Pandemic


Since the pandemic, it is painfully obvious that the level of service and care for the customer experience has changed in the U.S. Less people want to work in the service industry. Almost every hospitality-oriented business is short-staffed and the attitudes of the employees sometime show it. Travelers yearning for the old school style of service and care may need to travel further, or to places that are more private and exclusive, to find quality service. READ MORE

Don’t Let Expensive Flights Stop You: 6 Money-Saving Tips to Offset Travel Costs


With rising gas, hotel and restaurant prices, travel is more expensive in 2022. But, there are ways to save when you fly. READ MORE

5 Ways Innovative Retail Brands Are Future-Proofing Their Companies


Precision forecasting. Customer-fueled design. Authentic branding. Here’s how innovative retail companies can withstand the pressures of the coming years. READ MORE

Travel Goods Magazine

Leadership Skills of the Future


What will we want leaders in 5, 10, 15 years to know and do that we maybe aren’t stressing as so important today? I reached out to two of our leadership professors for their thoughts. Here’s what they had to say. READ MORE

Aruba Will Pay Luggage Fees for Visitors as Part of New Promotion


Tourism officials in Aruba announced the island is offering a new Lose Your Baggage promotion to help pay luggage fees for travelers. Running through May 31, travelers who submit their upcoming itinerary, flight confirmation or proof of an anticipated trip to Aruba will be eligible to receive a $60 Visa Gift Card to cover the cost of their checked bags. READ MORE


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