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2023 Travel Gear + Luggage Expo Recap

Can Zoom meetings and phone calls replicate the energy that in-person trade shows bring to business? Survey says…a resounding “NO!” Following a three-year hiatus, a change of venue and a new collaboration, the 2023 Travel Gear + Luggage expo, presented by the Travel Goods Association, set up shop on the exhibit floor of The Inspired Home Show. Find out who said what, what went down and why it matters. READ MORE

2023 TPG Travel Trends Report

We’ve all heard that “travel is back” and people are taking trips differently than before. But what does that mean? Our team of experts follows all the changes in the airline, hotel and cruise industries — plus the credit cards and loyalty programs tied to each — and compiled this first-of-its-kind report showing the evolution of travel today. View the full 2023 TPG Travel Trends Report in PDF format here. READ MORE

New Reports Say Business Travel Isn’t Going Back to Normal — Ever

The days of high-flying, big-spending business travel may be over for good. As a new report by research company Morning Consult declared: Business travel will never return to normal. Tighter corporate budgets and new ways of virtual working have permanently changed business travel, according to the report, titled “Business, but Not as Usual.” READ MORE

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8 Secret Airline Perks You Didn’t Know Existed

The glory days of aviation might be long behind us, but that doesn’t mean the process needs to be miserable today. Though there’s nothing appealing about flying in a middle seat in economy, there are some airline perks that can improve your flight experience. Of course, some of those are reserved for business-class passengers, but there are many available to all. Here are eight airline perks you might not know about. READ MORE

Inflation Worries Change Americans’ Travel Plans


Inflation-related concerns are causing Americans to change their travel plans, a new survey released this week shows. The survey by Bankrate reveals that Americans taking at least one vacation this year expect to use cost-saving strategies such as traveling fewer days, traveling shorter distances, driving instead of flying or engaging in cheaper activities. READ MORE

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A fresh addition to Travel Retail assortments with the unique and innovative VinGardeValise Collection.

The ultimate wine and spirits travel solution engineered to safely withstand the rigors of travel for years of reliable durability, versatility, and performance. Offering 3 models accommodating from 2 to 12 wine bottles with removable deep foam inserts that allow travelers to personalize each trip. Custom inserts available for spirits bottles of any shape and size. Trusted by luxury retailers, specialty stores and hundreds of fine wineries throughout North America.

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According to a Statista report from March 2023, there are 308.27 million social media users — 91.9% of the total U.S. population. As such, social media marketing offers brands a huge opportunity to engage with their customers in the channels of their choice. This article will look at the ways that brands are using social media marketing and how it has changed in 2023. READ MORE

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The 5 Executive Leadership Skills That Matter Most


Executive leadership skills are in high demand. According to a recent Gartner survey, only 41% of employees believe that senior leaders act in their best interest. And alarmingly, 33% of employees have said they don’t trust their CEO. READ MORE

American Travelers Care Less About Doing It Sustainably


Among the hotels, airlines, cruise ships and group trip operators that offer sustainable features — like solar panels, carbon offsets or electric vehicle charging stations — few marketing teams shy away from making them known. Airlines such as United Airlines and Hawaiian Airlines have pledged to be 100% green by 2050 by reducing greenhouse gas emissions. Southwest offers carbon offsets and bonus Rapid Rewards points as an incentive to buy them. READ MORE


In February, Away Luggage toyed with the idea of selling. Now, it’s expanding its physical footprint with its latest store opening in San Jose, CA this week. READ MORE

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