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The Latest in the Travel Goods HUB Spotlight


This week, in the Travel Goods HUB Spotlight – we’ve got three words for you: sleek, sophisticated, stressless; here’s three more: upscale, utile, urbane – weekenders, messengers and laptops luscious in leather and backed by four generations of insider know-how – and cases for kids as colorful as confetti and equally as fun. Pop into the Travel Goods HUB to check out brand-new travel gear – from the comfort of your desk and free of charge. Register today and put the Travel Goods HUB to work for you.

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Ever wonder how you can get more out of your TGA membership? Now is the time to share a video on your hottest new product or your company and be featured among our members’ Packed in a Minute submissions. Buyers and media want to learn all about you; share a video that’s 60 seconds or less and appear on the Travel Goods Magazine website. We highlight and promote the videos on the contents page and through email blasts to our buyers and media lists. Please send your video to TGA’s Kate Ryan,

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Proof of COVID-19 Vaccination, Tests Should Only Be Temporary Travel Requirements, Industry Group Says


Travel restrictions that require proof of COVID-19 vaccines or negative tests should be lifted once the pandemic is under control, the new head of the International Air Transport Association said yesterday. READ MORE

Swyft Raises $17.5 Million to Bring Same-day Delivery to All the Retailers That Aren’t Amazon


Thanks to major players like Amazon and Walmart, we’ve become accustomed to next- or same-day delivery. But the pandemic has also renewed our interest in buying from smaller businesses and retailers. Swyft, a company that has just raised $17.5 million in a Series A, helps retailers of any size provide affordable same-day delivery. READ MORE

What You Need to Know About Your Vaccine Card


For now, the best way to show that you’ve been inoculated against the coronavirus is a simple white card. Here, your key questions answered. READ MORE

The Travel Goods HUB

Instagram Shares Tips on Effective Influencer Marketing


Looking to tap into the power of influencer marketing to maximize your social media marketing efforts? The right collaboration could give your brand a major boost – and if you are looking to get started with influencer marketing, Instagram recently shared some tips to help. READ MORE

Want to Be a CEO? These 5 Morning Reflections Are Proven to Make People Better Leaders


A minute of morning reflection can strongly improve your management performance during the day. Employees who did so reported providing more strategic vision and help to teammates, as well as feeling more power and influence in the office on the days they reflected in the morning. This was true for both current leaders and aspiring leaders. Researchers suggest the following prompts to help you conjure up your “best possible leader self.” READ MORE

Ditch the Travel Clichés, Says New GEN Z Survey


With the summer holiday season just around the corner, the research reveals that Gen Z is looking to switch up how they portray their next travel adventure on social media. 42% of young people stated that social media posts, including cliché captions such as ‘catch flights, not feelings’ and ‘my Monday is better than yours’ were the worst to share and would not be replicated on their next travels. READ MORE

Travel Goods Magazine

4 Trends Driving the Future of Retail


Welcome to the new era of retail. COVID-19 forced retailers to adapt or go out of business; many introduced new ways of interacting with consumers, including delivery methods and products that met new shopper needs. Such changes may have been spurred by the pandemic, but they’re expected to long outlive it. READ MORE

The Pandemic Is Changing Employee Benefits


In mid-February 2020, I became the CEO of In conversations I’ve had with business leaders, many have told me that, in order to better support their employees and the business, they plan to revise their benefit strategies. To better understand exactly how these changes will manifest, developed “The Future of Benefits” report, in which we asked 500 human resource leaders and C-suite decision-makers from across the U.S. what employee benefits they plan to keep, get rid of, add, and expand as a result of lessons learned during this crisis. Here’s what they told us. READ MORE

Retail Leaders Set Their Sights on Better-trained Workers to Drive Operational Efficiency


When thinking about how to drive additional productivity within a retail operation (e.g., distribution, customer support, store support), it’s easy to assume that adding more digitalization and technology is the fastest and most cost-effective way to move the needle. While technology can indeed inspire and drive productivity, many leading retailers are going back to basics by focusing on enabling their best assets: people. READ MORE

Amtrak Is Offering Buy-one-get-one-free Tickets for Summer Travel


Amtrak is trying to make a case for being the vehicle of choice as people start considering travel again. It’s offering a buy-one-get-one-free deal (BOGO) on traveling in a private roomette this summer. READ MORE


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