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Eliminating the Dog Days of Travel


Twenty-three million Americans have a dog or cat. (And that’s just since COVID struck.) That’s a lot of four-legged friends taking to the skies and the road with their humans. As stressful as travel is for people, it can be doubly so for pets. And if anything elevates the stress levels of pet owners, it’s worrying over the safety and comfort of their fur babies — whether on the plane, in the car or in the cargo area. Here are products that provide peace of mind. READ MORE

Raising Your Travel IQ


When you’re planning to hit the road, get smart! Smart travel products, that is. Take a peek at this wireless, phone charging wallet; a smart backpack for tablets and books; and a smart, travel-safe lockbox. READ MORE

Forward Progress on Addressing the Shipping Crisis?


Last week, the full Senate approved the Senate version of the Ocean Shipping Reform Act (OSRA) by voice vote. The House also approved OSRA for a third time. The House and the Senate must now reconcile the differences between the two versions of the TGA-supported legislation, which we hope will happen quickly. On April 4, President Biden announced major steps forward in addressing the ongoing trucker shortage, claiming significant increases in new truckers and new commercial truck licenses and a dramatic increase in new trucker apprenticeship programs. On April 1, the ports of LA/Long Beach began collecting new fees of $10/TEU on all loaded import and export cargo containers hauled by drayage trucks. The stated purpose of the new fee is to support the Clean Truck Fund (CTF) to help fund and incentivize the changeover to cleaner trucks and accelerate the development of zero-emissions technology to achieve zero-emissions drayage trucking by 2035. And, on April 1, the Ports of LA/Long Beach again delayed, for the 19th week straight, the so-called “super demurrage fee” on long-standing import containers at docks until at least April 8.

China COVID Lockdowns Affecting Shipping/Production


The lockdowns in Shanghai have been extended with new lockdowns in Haining, a major production region in Zhejiang Province in response to new COVID outbreaks. With no trucks available because of the lockdown, the Port of Shanghai, the largest port in the world, is essentially shut down, with many carriers blanking sailings to Shanghai. TGA is also hearing about problems at the Port of Ningbo. And Shanghai’s airport remains essentially shut down.

The Travel Goods Show

Trade Court Dings Trump’s China Tariffs


A Court of International Trade ruling last week requires USTR to reconsider and further explain some of the Section 301 tariffs that former President Donald Trump imposed on more than $350 billion worth of Chinese goods. But the mixed ruling does not direct the federal government to remove the tariffs or reimburse importers for more than $130 billion in duties they have already paid. READ MORE

Fresh New Travel Products on Fox 5


As travel picks up and becomes more common once again, travel expert Troy Petenbrink joined Good Day DC to share his top new travel products — several of which are from members of the Travel Goods Association. READ MORE

How to Embrace Travel as Self-Care When Getting Anywhere Costs So Much


Self-care looks different for everyone. For some, it’s lighting a scented candle, putting on a face mask and soaking in the bathtub. For others, it’s making time to see friends and sharing fun experiences. Still others find the best form of self-care is getting a complete change of scenery. Here, travel experts share their advice for embracing the self-care of travel without breaking the bank. READ MORE

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These Are the Most Flexible Airlines, according to a New Study


The travel search company Next Vacay analyzed the policies of airlines — including change fees, refund options, and flight cancelation policies — to see how each stacked up. READ MORE

Google Introduces Retail Search for eCommerce Sites


A new solution for ecommerce sites provides Google-quality search and recommendations on retailers’ digital properties. Google Cloud has announced the release of Retail Search, a tool designed to give retailers the capabilities of Google’s search engine on their own domains. It is intended to help businesses improve on-site search and overall shopping experience. READ MORE

The Future of Retail Is Contactless and Immersive


In-store shopping — reimagined and reinvigorated through the use of mobile technology — is making a big return in a shop near you. A swath of recent research confirms that consumers have emerged from the pandemic more digitally assured than ever and with an appetite for a safe and immersive retail experience. READ MORE

The Travel Goods HUB

Retail Robotics Launches New Delivery Solutions


Retail Robotics is launching new technology solutions for retailers and providers of logistics services, according to a recent press release. “Classic solutions have low capacity and occupy large space, whereas home delivery causes higher traffic in cities and generates air pollution,” said Retail Robotics CEO and Founder Łukasz Nowiński in the release. “With today’s rapid growth of online shopping, many retailers still lack the efficient delivery options in terms of costs, footprint, capacity and consumer experience.” READ MORE

3 Supply Chain Challenges Impacting Retail in 2022


A nationwide shortage of truck drivers, a lack of available warehouse space, and rising consumer demand are three supply chain challenges that will continue to impact retail operations throughout 2022. READ MORE

How to Break Through Stubborn Company Infrastructure and Get Things Done


Wherever one looks, one sees organizations — from universities, health care providers, and large- to medium-size companies — who are struggling to adapt to an ever-accelerating pace of change. In their quest to stay relevant, most organizations are hobbled by bureaucratic management systems — with too many layers and too may rules — that frustrate game-changing innovation and proactive renewal. READ MORE

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