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“Hush Trip” Travel Gear


Hush trips — secretly working from a vacation destination – are on the rise. The majority of Americans (56%) say they are very likely to take a hush trip, and 36% of Gen X and Millennials have already planned a hush trip this year. Travel Goods Magazine wants to hear WHY your travel gear is perfect for a hush trip and your best tip for stealth travel. Read more here, and have your product featured in our upcoming story on this (hush-hush!) emerging trend in leisure travel. READ MORE

Congress to Biden — Fix Safe Driver Apprenticeship Pilot Program (SDAP) for New Truckers


Last week, 33 members of Congress urged the Federal Motor Carriers Safety Administration (FMCSA) to ramp up work on the Safe Driver Apprenticeship Pilot Program (SDAP), a TGA-supported pilot to train 18-20 year-olds to drive trucks. The program is intended to address the systemic trucker shortage that has plagued the U.S. for years. Currently, a driver must be 21 to drive trucks across state lines.

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Reaction Kenneth Cole by Heritage Travelware, Ltd.

Pack. Stack. Expand. Repeat. The Reaction Kenneth Cole Diamond Tower carry-on and backpack bundle is perfect for modern travel. The telescoping trolley handle and 8-wheel spinners make maneuvering the carry-on a breeze. In addition, the backpack’s padded laptop compartment allows you to stay connected, making your office virtually anywhere. Our Reaction Kenneth Cole travel accessories help you pack more into life and capture every moment.

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3 Uses for ChatGPT in Retail


ChatGPT will transform formulaic tasks like product descriptions and inventory management. As OpenAI makes more integrations available, adoption will become increasingly common. Here’s how major retailers are already using ChatGPT. READ MORE

Suitcase Study: What Happens to Unclaimed Luggage?


Have you ever wondered what happens to unclaimed luggage? After 90 days, if no one claims the luggage, it’s sold to an unclaimed baggage center where the items inside are resold. If the passenger’s bag is truly lost, airlines pay out a claim to the passenger. READ MORE

The Travel Goods HUB

Starbucks’ New CEO Plans to Spend Time Working at His Company’s Coffee Shops. Here’s Why Every Retail Leader Should Take a Shift on the Sales Floor


There’s a big difference between your CEO and their entourage sweeping through to see if things are up to snuff and that leader working a shift in your shoes, and it’s the latter that makes the real difference, Mark Cohen, the director of retail studies at Columbia University and the former CEO of Sears Canada, told Insider earlier this year. READ MORE

The 11 Best Affordable Luggage Pieces of 2023


Narrowing in on the perfect suitcase can be intimidating with thousands of options on the market. If you’re anything like us, you want luggage that’s practical, good quality, and not astronomical in price. So, whether you’re planning a quick weekend getaway or an extended international trip, we’ve evaluated various options from hardside to softside and underseat to checked that’ll suit all travel requirements. READ MORE

Travel Goods Magazine

How To Use Ephemeral Content in Your Marketing Strategy


Most brands expect to drive engagement and generate leads with social media strategies. However, ephemeral content is often overlooked in favor of long-form and feed content to achieve these goals. If leveraged properly, ephemeral content can help you beat the algorithm and keep your brand top of mind. Let’s look at why ephemeral content works for brands, how you can use it to drive results and examples from real brands. READ MORE

The Best Travel Tech Accessories for Your Next Adventure


If you’re gearing up for travel, don’t forget to consider all of the tech gadgets you may need along the way. Good Morning America lifestyle contributor Lori Bergamotto has rounded up the best travel accessories, from chargers and cords to international travel adapters and Bluetooth converters. READ MORE


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