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Have you created a product that represents a complete departure from what your company is known for? Have you taken a chance on a product that didn’t quite fit into your product mix? We want to hear your story! Manufacturers and retailers — let us know the inspiration behind your action. Get the details here.

COVID Convo Remains and TGA Waxes Poetic


While we’re still talking about lockdowns, import tariffs and the shipping crisis, Nate Herman moves forward to give voice to the questions we all want answers to in the latest Capital Beat. Products inspire us to throw down some rhymes. And a couple of TGA members grab the spotlight. It’s all in Travel Goods Magazine’s Industry Buzz.

New China Section 301 Tariff Exclusions Include Some Travel Goods


On March 23, the Biden administration announced the renewal of 352 tariff exclusions under the China Section 301 tariffs. Among the new exclusions are 6 specific travel goods items:

  • Messenger bags of polyester, each measuring not more than 50 cm by 38 cm by 11 cm, weighing not more than 2.5 kg (described in statistical reporting number 4202.12.8130);
  • Backpacks with hydration system, each measuring not more than 51 cm by 28 cm by 9 cm, weighing not more than 1 kg (described in statistical reporting number 4202.92.0400);
  • Backpacks with outer surface of textile materials of man-made fibers, each measuring at least 35 cm but not more than 75 cm in height, at least 19 cm but not more than 34 cm in width, and at least 5 cm but not more than 26 cm in depth (described in statistical reporting number 4202.92.3120);
  • Duffel bags made predominantly of man-made fibers, each measuring not more than 98 cm by 52 cm by 17 cm, weighing not more than 7 kg, with wheels (described in statistical reporting number 4202.92.3131); and
  • Duffel bags of polyester, each measuring not more than 81 cm by 39 cm by 11 cm, weighing not more than 7 kg (described in statistical reporting number 4202.92.3131).

These tariff exclusions had previously expired in August 2020. The China Section 301 tariff exclusions are retroactive to October 12, 2021 (meaning folks can apply for refunds) and extend through December 31, 2022. TGA continues to urge the Biden administration to review/end the tariffs and restart the China Section 301 tariff exclusion process.

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New TSA Technology Could Mean No More Removing Laptops or Liquids


The agency plans to start installing new high-tech x-ray scanners in airports this summer that could significantly reduce security screening times. READ MORE

Can Brands Stay Safe in the Metaverse?


As the metaverse makes the leap into reality, marketers are eager to figure out where this new frontier fits into their strategies. However, like with other digital platforms, there is evidence that as popularity grows, so does the attention of bad actors like extremist or hate groups. READ MORE

Masks Mandates on Planes: Some Airlines Are Scrapping Mask Rules on Flights


The Brits have gone rogue — again. Starting with low-cost carrier Jet2 on March 1, and quickly followed by Tui, British Airways and Virgin Atlantic, several UK-based airlines are allowing passengers to fly mask freeREAD MORE

The Travel Goods Show

Dockworker Strike Could Disrupt Supply Chain in a Big Way


More than 22,000 dockworkers at 29 ports along the West Coast could go on strike if negotiations over a new contract do not end in an agreement by the end of June. The workers are represented by the International Longshore and Warehouse Union. There are also concerns that activity around the ports may slow as the existing contract nears its end. Many are hopeful that things will work out without any disruptions. “There’s too much at stake for both sides,” said Mario Cordero, executive director of the Port of Long Beach. “There’s an incentive because the nation is watching.” READ MORE

The Funniest Travel Account on Instagram Is Run by the TSA. Seriously.


Meet the woman behind the agency’s endless puns and dad jokes. (And don’t forget the 3.4 oz rule.) READ MORE

Best Return-to-office Plan: A Team-led Approach


Surveys show that anywhere from two-thirds to three-quarters of all employers intend to have a hybrid workforce after the pandemic as part of their return-to-office plan. Employees would come in one to three days weekly to work on collaborative tasks with their teams. The rest of the time, they would work on their own tasks remotely. Many of these employers also intend to permit employees to work fully remotely if the employees want to and can demonstrate a high level of productivityREAD MORE

The Travel Goods HUB

LinkedIn Adds Newsletters for Company Pages, Updated Campaign Manager Navigation


LinkedIn has added a new way for brands to stay in touch with their audience on the platform, with Company Pages now able to create their own newsletters in the app, which will also include new notifications for Page followers for newsletter updates. READ MORE

The Big Travel Trends to Follow in 2022


What’s the state of the European travel industry right now? Skift Research has some answers as well as solutions to the challenges ahead. READ MORE

Orlando’s New Star Wars Hotel Just Raised the Bar for Event Experiences


Expectations for in-person events are high as attendees seek deeply-engaging experiences. The launch of Disney’s Star Wars: Galactic Starcruiser is already inspiring planners looking to create truly immersive event experiences. READ MORE

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