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Leave the Sheep at Home: These Products Will Help You Sleep on the Go


The benefits of sleep are more well-documented than ever, and the need for solid ZZZs doesn’t end while you are away from home. These three products from members of TGA illustrate the innovation that is being poured into sleep. Don’t nod off — check them out!

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Shanghai Denies Lockdown Rumors as Daily COVID Infections Near 1K


Authorities in the Chinese city of Shanghai have denied rumors of a city-wide lockdown after a sixth straight increase in daily asymptomatic coronavirus cases, pushing its count to record levels despite a campaign of mass testing aimed at stifling the spread. READ MORE

East Coast Ports About to Get Slammed by Many More Ships


The number of liner services calling in East Coast ports from Asia will surge to a new record high in the coming months as more cargo is diverted away from the Pacific gateway in Los Angeles/Long Beach, where the ship queue has fallen to 42. The potential result: escalating vessel backlogs along the East Coast and deteriorating service for importers. READ MORE

How to Prioritize Your Retirement Travel Goals as You Age


Many people aspire to travel more once they stop working, but all of that newfound freedom and extra time can be overwhelming. Here’s how to craft the perfect travel bucket list in retirement, according to experts — and a few things to consider along the way. READ MORE

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What’s the Deal with Masks on Planes?


Should mask rules on planes be lifted? Several British airlines have just suspended the requirement, but in the United States, the mandate, to be reviewed next month, remains. Here’s a look at where things stand. READ MORE

10 Definite Impacts on Social Media Marketers Need to Brace for


Despite all the uncertainties the past two years have presented, there have been plenty of growth areas. Evolving consumer behavior has unearthed plenty of new white spaces for companies to paint in areas such as social commerce and short-form video. Other areas that are fast emerging this year are the likes of the metaverse, propelled by the gaming community. One thing that has remained constant, however, is consumers’ want for personalization. READ MORE

Travel on U.S. Roads Rose 4.1% in January to 240.6B Miles


This travel statistic — up 9.5 billion miles over the same month in 2021 — reflects more Americans traveling for leisure, returning to offices and rising deliveries, experts said. U.S. driving rose 11.2% for all of 2021, to 3.23 trillion vehicle miles, up from 2020’s 2.9 trillion, the lowest yearly total since 2003. READ MORE

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The Secret to Women’s Leadership That Can Drive Such a Positive Impact


New data found that employee disengagement translates into significant organizational expense (due to absenteeism and lower productivity). But there is a sizable difference in how this shows up in women-led teams versus those led by men. In fact, we found that by driving more engaged employees, women leaders save their organizations $1.43 million for every 1,000 employees. READ MORE

‘Bridgerton’ Tea, ‘Outlander’ Castles and Lodges in Yellowstone: Favorite TV Shows Inspire Trip Ideas


TV-themed itineraries are on the rise, taking travelers on adventures with familiar shows during a time of uncertainty. READ MORE

Tour Operators Target Families to Expand Reach of Luxury Cultural Travel


Although a growing number of families are eager to travel together, convincing them to shell out big money for seemingly dry experiences is a tall order. So, tour operators need to create lively environments for children to make their trips more appealing for the lucrative market. READ MORE

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Online Brands Try a Traditional Marketing Strategy: Physical Stores


As digital advertising costs rise, more direct-to-consumer retailers are opening shops, leasing turnkey options or securing short-term spaces in other stores. READ MORE

Smart Tech Is Tackling the True Cost of Returns to the Retail Industry


When a warehouse receives a returned product, the retailer has a choice — inspect the returned product and repackage to resell if it’s in good condition. And if it isn’t, get the manufacturer to write off the return or discard the product and take the loss. READ MORE

Startup Is Flipping Recycled Airplanes into Super-Fly Home Offices


Digital nomads can spend all year round living or working from a plane cabin, if they so wish. A new startup from the northwest of Ireland is repurposing old commercial airplanes into home offices, glamping pods, and everything in between, taking work from home to new heights. READ MORE


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