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I Am Not Dead Yet — Part Deux

A little over a year ago, in the face of declarations of victory over the shipping crisis, I took to these pages to declare that, in the immortal words of Monty Python, the shipping crisis is instead telling everyone “I’m not dead yet!” READ MORE

Certain Effects of Section 232 and 301 Tariffs Reduced Imports and Increased Prices and Production in Many U.S. Industries

Additional U.S. tariffs imposed under section 232 on imports of steel and aluminum products and under section 301 on certain imports from China reduced U.S. imports of these products and increased U.S. production and prices of these products, affecting the many industries that produce or sell these products or use them as inputs, according to the U.S. International Trade Commission (USITC) in recent a report. READ MORE

West Coast Ports Suffering as U.S. Container Imports Plunge By 37%

As anticipated, U.S. container imports in February were massively down from the highs of the previous year, with U.S. West Coast ports in particular suffering a huge 37% drop. According to the McCown report, which covers the top 10 U.S. container ports, import throughout last month fell a record 28%, the lowest level since March 2020. READ MORE
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Spring Break Travel: Expectations and Pain Points


The demand for travel during the American spring break timeframe is substantial — and demand remains strong despite higher prices. Let’s break down the expectations, pain points and opportunities for the industry. READ MORE

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Retailers Give In-Store Media an Interactive Twist to Boost Basket Size


In-store media opportunities are making a comeback, but this time with a little more zest than before — interactive displays, as brands and retailers look to attract more consumers, who are increasingly making their way back to in-store experiences. Despite the significant investments made in online retail media networks in recent years, brick-and-mortar stores remain the primary source of revenue for many retailers. In fact, more than 85% of all U.S. retail sales still occur in the physical world, not online. READ MORE

Austin-based Startup Helps Hire Retail Workers


There’s a good chance you or someone you know has worked in retail. But one of the industry’s biggest issues is an ongoing labor shortage. In Austin, one startup is trying to fill that gap and give workers full control over their time. READ MORE


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